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Climate Change-ism Replaces Science

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global_warming_environmentalism_2Over a few decades modern climate science has evolved, or if you will, devolved from it’s infancy, from scientific observation to dogma—or “Climate Change-ism.”

Not unlike the roots of various other worldwide religious beliefs, this new faith sprouted from the alarmist cries that “The End is Neigh.” “Global Warming” (already a quaint, antiquated phrase) was trumpeted by Climate Change-ism’s founding prophet, former United States Vice President Al Gore, as the final travesty that would usher forth the planet’s demise.

Gore enticed the public with the award-winning hit docu-drama “An Inconvenient Truth,” featuring a fatalistic determination that the planet is inevitably racing toward an impending doom brought upon by Climate Chage-ism’s primary antagonist: the homo sapien.

In a 2007 speech, in which he sagely predicted that earth’s ice caps would be completely eliminated in seven year’s time, Gore stated grimly that “something basic is wrong” with the planet. He concluded, “We are what is wrong.”

Thus began The Church of Climate Change-ism: an apocalyptic faith of people, by people, against people.

At the early stages of Climate Change-ism those aboard the global warming bandwagon thought themselves intellectual elites, purely following nothing but the latest string of scientific evidence and expert analysis. But new contradicting evidence has forced the believers to adapt.

In 2013, the Antarctic ice caps grew to a 35-year record high, achieving record growth in less time than Al Gore predicted it would take for them to melt away entirely—an inconvenient truth indeed.

But, like any false dogma, Climate Change-ism’s reigning the faith must persist unhindered by reality.

At perhaps the height of the nation’s agnosticism toward the faith since its Hollywood inception, pontiff Barack Obama stood before the American people and pompously claimed that “the debate is over” regarding climate change, forever severing all ties between the movement and the scientific process.

After all, Obama’s ideologically-driven administration had spent years and billions of dollars implementing regulations that would kill people’s access to inexpensive energy and therefore their quality of life, all in the name of planetary survival—citizens be damned. No more debate would be heard by the nation’s self-loathing leader, enthralled with the anti-human faith he leads.

His ideological regulations on coal plants spell doom for an energy source capable of powering the United States for over 500 years. Further policy restrictions on natural gas, nuclear power, and oil refinement in favor of presently unviable “alternatives” like solar and wind power could disastrously impact poor and middle-income families while permanently shackling any opportunities for dynamic economic development in the future.  The faithful have even attempted to stop the oldest energy heating source known to man – wood burning – in their jihad against humanity.

Now, here’s what is scientific: Man’s observational abilities are still limited and flawed. Because our observational capabilities are limited and flawed, the charts and models necessary to calculate and predict climatologic occurrences are necessarily just as limited and flawed, because people made them.

Could it be detrimental to pump the very carbon dioxide molecule that mammals exhale into the atmosphere? It possibly could be. But the fact of the matter is that we just don’t know how much impact, if any, economically essential activities like American energy development has on the global climate. What we do know is that people will necessarily suffer if societal elites succeed in sacrificing the American way of life on the altar of Climate Change-ism, by eliminating common access to inexpensive, reliable energy.

The humility required to admit what we simply don’t know, admitting that more research ought to be conducted before dramatic, people-harming action is taken, is antithetical to the radical Climate Change-ist doctrine for one major reason: at their core, the leaders of Climate Change-ism aren’t blind religious adherents at all; they’re power-starved tyrants seeking control where they can take it.

Aside from food and water, absolute control over energy is the most powerful weapon one can wield over the populace in a place like the United States. Control the energy, control the future.

It is about time the American people seize control of their future and reject the false deity of Climate Change-ism, before it is too late.

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