Christie Clarifies Illegal Immigration Stance by Not Answering

President Barack Obama and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (Photo credit: Pete Souza)

President Barack Obama and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (Photo credit: Pete Souza)

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is, by refusing to tell us where he stands on illegal immigration, telling us where he stands on illegal immigration.


After criticizing President Obama for his handling of the country’s immigration crisis but declining to provide his own opinion on how to fix the problem, Gov. Chris Christie had a simple message for reporters Thursday: Stop asking.

The governor announced midway through a trip to Mexico — billed as a three-day trade mission — that he did not plan to offer opinions on repairing U.S. immigration policies unless he chooses to seek the Republican nomination president in 2016.

For those of you who may not be used to dealing with liberals, or aren’t skilled at dealing with liberal frauds within the Republican Party, allow me to translate:

Ted Cruz 2016


I’m an amnesty-peddling, illegal-alien-pandering RINO, so shut up and don’t ask me about it.

RINOs almost never want to admit their liberal ways, and if they do, they try to couch the admission in such mushy, equivocal and vague language as to allow the gullible to believe whatever they want to believe. We have a RINO former governor in South Dakota, so I know the behavior of the breed well.

But as Allahpundit at Hot Air points out, Christie has already been telling us about his pro-amnesty position. Back in 2010 he was already talking about a “path to legalization” for illegal aliens (hint: we already have a “path to citizenship” for legal aliens). Earlier this year, he signed a New Jersey “DREAM Act” providing special in-state tuition rates for illegal aliens.

So Christie’s refusal to clearly tell us his position on illegal immigration just makes his position on illegal immigration all the more clear: he’s just another sellout lawless RINO.

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  • AC700

    I live in NJ, work for NJ and I would trust this rino as far as I can…….

    Seems likes a nice guy though 😉