Chamber of Commerce: Just Another Nest-Feathering Vulture Group

Chamber_Crony_CapitalismAs if we really needed any more evidence that the Chamber of Commerce is no longer a group deserving of being known as conservative,  the Chamber’s endorsement of illegal immigration amnesty should remove all doubt.


In pointing out the usual double-speak fraudulent propaganda we get from so-called “conservatives” these days, RedState examines some of the inconsistencies between the Chamber’s support for amnesty, and the politicians they support who claim to not support amnesty.

Someone is lying to us, and in many cases, the culprit is quite predictable. But either way, this illustrates a simple point: even though almost every Republican in Washington supports amnesty, none of them are willing to run on it during the campaign season. The Chambercrats lack the courage to run on their convictions, so they wink and nod at certain candidates and give them a hall pass to fool GOP primary voters until it is too late.

Yeah. Apparently the Chamber is more interested in cheap labor than in the rule of law, and maintaining the environment (where the rule of law is respected) that is necessary to preserve our economic freedom and prosperity. Classic case of killing the goose that laid the golden egg, and sacrificing tomorrow on the altar of expediency today.

That, and their recent endorsement of RINO fraud Mike Rounds for U.S. Senate removes any remaining whisps of doubt that the Chamber of Commerce is just another liberal-leaning group that is out for itself, and the good of the country-including the free market in general-can be damned.

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  • Gary Dykstra

    Isn’t it spelled “vulture” ?

  • American Clarion

    You’re right. I flubbed it.