Call to Action on SDHSAA Transgender policy

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dear Friend,

Back on April 24th you received an email updating you on the SDHSAA transgender policy debate.  In that email I informed you that at their April 21st board meeting in Pierre, the SDHSAA Board decided to put off making a decision until their May 15th meeting.  They did this in order to get feedback from all of the superintendents of their associated schools.

So now is the time to make your voice and the voices of as many people as you can possibly recruit, heard by your local school superintendent and each member of the SDHSAA Board.  It is crucial that they hear from you today!

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Click on this link to get contact information for each board member

If you would like additional information to help you formulate your written statement, please go to our website Policy page @

Thank you for taking action today!  Your voice truly makes a difference!

God bless you,
Mark Chase
South Dakota Family Policy Council

SDHSAA Board Members

Todd Trask

Board of Education Representative
Wall High School
Term Expires June 30, 2015
[email protected]

Sandy Klatt

Board of Education Representative
Brandon Valley High School
Term Expires June 30, 2018
[email protected]

Rick Weber (Chairperson)

East River At-Large Representative
Flandreau High School
Term Expires June 30, 2015
[email protected]

Dan Whalen

Division II Representative
Pierre T.F. Riggs High School
Term Expires June 30, 2018
[email protected]

Linda Whitney

Division III Representative
Sanborn Central High School
Term Expires June 30, 2016
[email protected]

Dr. Roger Bordeaux

Native American At-Large Representative
Todd County High School
Term Expires June 30, 2019
[email protected]

Jason Uttermark (Vice Chair)

Division I Representative
Aberdeen Central High School
Term Expires June 30, 2017
[email protected]

Steve Morford

West River At-Large Representative
Spearfish High School
Term Expires June 30, 2019
[email protected]

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