Boehner Backfire: Little Support in House for Feckless Speaker

John Boehner

John Boehner

RINO House Speaker John Boehner may not be worried about the latest move to get rid of him as Speaker, especially since he controls the agenda and can just avoid a vote on the matter.

However, a wise person would look at the extremely high level of dissatisfaction with his feckless excuse for “leadership” and the now repeated moves to oust him from the Speakership, and get right.

It’s interesting, though, that Boehner’s team of whips couldn’t whip up enough support to back his worthless hide last week.

Yes, you heard right. It seems the ground beneath the feet of these conservative-bashing RINOs isn’t nearly as firm as they would have us believe.

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From Breitbart:

House Speaker Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) had been planning to call up on the House floor last week a measure from Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) that would have removed him as Speaker of the House if it succeeded—intending to embarrass Meadows—but abandoned the plan after his entire leadership structure learned that they did not have the votes to re-elect him as Speaker before the August recess.

“[House Majority Leader Kevin] McCarthy was making phone calls—he was whipping it—and so was [House Majority Whip] Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA),” a senior conservative movement leader who’s had many personal and direct discussions with various House GOP members about this told Breitbart News in an interview last week.

“I know members personally who were called by Steve Scalise . So they had the entire leadership whip team frantically making phone calls to members to whip the vote because they wanted to attempt to embarrass Mark Meadows and call the vote [on Wednesday last week] so it’s not hanging over Boehner’s head.

“What they found out was the exact opposite. They found out bad things would happen, that literally they would be calling the vote without knowing what would happen. Therefore, they did not call the vote and now they have this issue hanging over John Boehner’s head for the next five weeks.”

So they were trying to embarrass Mark Meadows , and ended up showing their own dirty drawers.

A wise person would take stock of the documented values of his party, then take stock of all the ways in which his behavior fails to line up with those documented values, and would then adjust his behavior to uphold the principles of the party he has aligned himself with.

After all, we’d expect a team member of a professional football team to get with the playbook for that team and not help the other team. We’d expect the member of a pro-life group to advance the cause of life and not help the abortion lobby achieve their goals. We’d expect a cop to enforce the law and not break the law himself or help the criminal element get away with breaking the law.

Why would we expect any less of one of the most powerful men in Washington who are entrusted with crafting the laws of our nation, and who is charged with upholding and defending the U.S. Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic?

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  • Don Lester III

    Not sure he got the message though many very well better or 1 term may be the last. Like for instance, “Say what you mean and Do what you say or BE GONE!’

  • Charles Rowlands

    Too Late for Mr Boneless — — he needs to re-register as a Democrat — — —