Bobby Jindal: Aggressive Truth Teller

Bobby Jindal speaking at the Values Voter Summit in Washington D.C (Photo credit: Gage Skidmore)

Bobby Jindal speaking at the Values Voter Summit in Washington D.C (Photo credit: Gage Skidmore)

What Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal did when pro-abortion protesters came to protest outside the governor’s mansion is the way ALL Republicans and conservatives need to respond to the lies and depravity being promoted in our country today.

From Breitbart:

Bobby Jindal is showing once more he’s making the biggest play of any 2016 candidate for the pro-life vote.

Ted Cruz 2016


This afternoon, while abortion supporters protested outside the Governor’s mansion in Baton Rouge, Jindal set up a huge movie screen and speakers and played on a continuous loop all of the videos released in recent weeks showing the brutality of Planned Parenthood’s baby-parts business.

One of the problems faced by the Center for Medical Progress is that many people are refusing the watch the grisly undercover videos where Planned Parenthood personneldiscuss dissecting aborted babies in order to sell their eyes, lungs, livers, hearts, and even brains.

Instead of just standing idly by while evil people promote evil (like most Republicans and conservatives do), Jindal is putting the truth out there, and putting it in the faces of the propagandists.

Odds are, few if any of the pro-aborts will open their minds enough to take in the horrible truth about abortion and the abortion industry.  But it’s possible, and it’s also possible that a journalist or someone else who might be exposed to the information about this protest might take the time to actually look at the material which makes clear what this issue is really all about.

Minds that are as closed as aggressive pro-aborts are seldom open, but anything can happen. After all, a man who once zealously persecuted Christians ended up becoming the most vocal and zealous Christian.  And the man writing this piece right now went some 20+ years ago from being a drunken, foul-mouthed pro-abort to being a sober Christian who realized how incredibly wrong he had been for supporting abortion.

Kudos to Governor Jindal for being an aggressive truth-teller!

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