Bill Revived to Rescind South Dakota School Transgender Policy


sports_footballAs you may know, the South Dakota Senate Education Committee in the “Republican” supermajority legislature killed two bills last week to rein in the pro-homosexual/transgender policy of the South Dakota High School Activities Association.

Today, however, enough senators still in favor of “smoking out” or reviving HB 1195 to bring it for consideration of the full senate. The good senators who stood for this bill were Senators Greenfield, Otten, Van Gerpen, Jensen, Ewing, Haggar, Heinemann, Holien, Lederman, Monroe, Novstrup, Olson, and Omdahl.

As it stands, 12 were needed to smoke-out the bill, and 13 stood for it.  To pass, however, 18 are needed. Remember, this and another similar bill were killed in a “Republican” supermajority legislature committee, with “Republican” Senators Soholt and Solano voting to kill it, and “Republicans” Curd, Soholt and Solano voting to kill HB 1161 which was similar.

Indications are that HB 1195 will be heard by the full Senate on Tuesday, March 10 around 10:00 AM Central Time.

Thanks to the South Dakota Family Policy Council, you can copy and paste all the email addresses (below) of all the South Dakota senators and email them all, asking them to support HB 1195.  To find out information about HB 1195 from the two committee hearings (on HB 1195 and  HB 1161), you can read about committee testimony here and here.

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