Big Money Influences Both Major Parties


money_nfDuring the week of March 7, 2015, both the Chicago Crusader and the Gary Crusader published an editorial cartoon with a flag and a dollar sign and the comment “THE WORLD ACCORDING TO THE G.O.P.”

The comment could have easily read “THE WORLD ACCORDING TO THE DEMOCRATS”. Let me tell you why. I work every day with senior citizens to help them solve medical bill problems caused by mistakes in the Medicare system. I have saved seniors over one million dollars. I wrote the book SOLVING MEDICARE PROBLEM$ (

In 2009, President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder changed the legal definitions of when a senior citizen in a hospital would be considered “in-patient” or “out-patient”. The important distinction is that “out-patient” seniors in a hospital get little or no help with paying for medicine. This is the “Self-Administered Drug” problem for seniors. The change in the legal definitions cost seniors and hospitals billions of dollars per year while enriching big drug making companies by billions of dollars per year.

On June 11, 2012, the Wall Street Journal reported that Barack Obama made a back room deal with big drug makers. In exchange for big prescription drug manufacturers lobbying Congress to pass the “Obamacare” bill, Obama agreed to specific wording in the bill that would guarantee billions of dollars of new profits for the big drug makers – all at the expense of the public.

Big money interests influence both major parties. That’s why the editorial cartoon should have said that the Democrats care about big money, too.

Woodrow Wilcox
Griffith, Indiana
A former Democratic Party precinct committeeman.

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