Bernie Sanders is Wrong

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders

I didn’t feel like getting utterly upset, so I didn’t do it.  I didn’t watch the debate.  However, I did hear that one of the hopeful candidates came to Hillary Clinton’s defense and said the American people are sick and tired of hearing about the emails.

Sorry, but you are wrong, Mr. Sanders.  Many Americans are very much interested in learning the truth about the emails and server, and, instead, sick and tired of the whitewashing and claims that important issues are old news or irrelevant, especially when it involves certain individuals.

The hypocrisy in politics is simply amazing.

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Is there an official license given to politicians that permits them to distort the truth, out-right-lie and mock those who don’t agree with them?  If not, that unofficial ones sure are being used to the max.  Perhaps we should tax them and charge a license fee.  It would certainly reduce the debt considerably, I would think.

I’m tired of listening to politicians claim the other side is so awful for doing things they have done themselves and defended as being right when it was self.  Right for self — wrong for the opposition.  How irrational is that?

I’m tired of the Republicans being blamed for the government shutdown, when it was actually Harry Reid and Barack Obama that were responsible for that little bit of political maneuvering.  We all heard it and watched it and read about it at the time.  How could any now be confused or allow the media and politicians to entice all vulnerable to mis-remember?

(We aren’t living “1984”, where actual history and events were replaced with phony information whenever it became convenient for those in power.)

It’s one thing to use public relations and advertising techniques to present information about a product or person — even a politician — and quite another to sell a lie.

We should actually be allowed to know what type of person we are voting for.

We may not always, or even ever, agree with the politicians that represent us, but we should be able to trust them in word and deed.

I’m not hallucinating.

I don’t know when it became accepted that politicians and politics had a different set of rules than the rest of the world, but it was wrong then and it is wrong now.  It’s time to step back and demand that all government officials and employees — whether elected, hired or appointed — speak truthfully, act honestly, responsibly and be accountable.  And this all brings us back to the debate that is supposed to inform us and let us get to know the candidates.

Hillary Clinton first argued that she used personal email and server due to convenience of using one device.  That was proven untrue. She had more than one device.  So, if she was so right — why the need to lie?

Hillary suggested to us that nothing classified came through her server.  Also untrue.  (Oh later she said — marked classified.)  If she was so right — why the need to lie?

Hillary’s decision to use personal email and inadequate server to handle sensitive correspondence that could have put this country in jeopardy, shows poor judgment.

If Hillary Clinton can’t even handle email and a server in a responsible fashion — we are to trust her with our country?

It’s time to tell people like Mr. Sanders — those emails and servers do matter.

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