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Another Illegal Immigration Bill Dies in the ‘Republican’ SD Legislature

January 30, 2014   ·   By   ·   2 Comments

Rino_fYet another bill geared toward dealing with the nationwide problem of illegal immigration has died in the Republican supermajority (76% in the House and 80% in the Senate) South Dakota Legislature.

HCR 1009 “urging the federal government to enforce United States immigration laws and not grant amnesty to those who have entered the United States illegally” was killed 34-33. Some “Republicans” who voted against this bill, which merely calls on the federal government to obey our nation’s laws and do its job, claimed it “went too far” and was too harsh for them to support.

The vote breakdown is at the bottom of this article.

Look at who voted to kill this bill: several of the “Republican” leadership team such as Majority Leader David Lust, Assistant Majority Leader Justin Cronin and Majority Whip Scott Munsterman. I get queasy even calling them “leaders” because leaders are supposed to lead their team to achieve their team’s goals and objectives. The goals and objectives of the GOP are to deal with our illegal immigration problem…yet these sellout “leaders” only lead to victory for the opposing team.

The South Dakota GOP Platform states:

5.18 South Dakota Republicans hold that our government was instituted to secure the blessings of freedom, and that the exploitation of illegal aliens is an unqualified evil and the antithesis of freedom.

We further hold that it is the explicit sworn duty of South Dakota’s state and federal elected officials to take all legal actions available to protect South Dakotans from the growing problems of illegal immigration.

The state GOP has also adopted Resolution 6 into its documented values and principles which says:

WHEREAS: The South Dakota Republican Party welcomes and applauds those immigrants who have entered the United States through the proper legal process; and

WHEREAS: The United States government is not fully controlling the border, nor properly enforcing existing immigration laws; and

WHEREAS: Undocumented foreign nationals take jobs from South Dakota residents and United States citizens; and

WHEREAS: Much of the salaries paid to undocumented foreign nationals is unreported and sent out of South Dakota and the United States; and

WHEREAS: Undocumented foreign nationals financially burden our healthcare, education and welfare system; and

WHEREAS: South Dakota residents and United States citizens continue to be victims of criminal acts perpetrated by undocumented foreign nationals, thus creating a public safety issue, burdening our judicial system and burdening our prison system.

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED: While the South Dakota Republican Party supports legal immigration to this country and further supports the rights of legal immigrants to live and work in this country; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: The South Dakota Republican Party supports the full enforcement of existing immigration laws and regulations to prevent the entry of undocumented foreign nationals.

But then, to some “Republicans,” our documented values and principles are “just a piece of paper.”  And it shows.

The “Republican” legislature of South Dakota has repeatedly shot down bills seeking to deal with the illegal immigration problem-they usually can’t even make it out of committee in the “Republican” supermajority (76%) House-for several years now.

Are many South Dakota “Republicans” as bad as those “Republicans” nationally who seem Hell-bent on helping the Democrats pursue their goal of amnesty for illegal aliens? It certainly seems so. Perhaps the call for cheap labor is as seductive and corrupting to “Republicans” as the call of expanding their voter base is to Democrats-and in both cases, it is the people of the United States who are being sold out by morally bankrupt and corrupt scumbags in both parties.

Vote on HCR 1009:

Anderson Yea Bartling Nay Bolin Yea
Cammack Yea Campbell Yea Carson Yea
Conzet Excused Craig Excused Cronin Nay
Dryden Nay Duvall Nay Ecklund Yea
Erickson Yea Feickert Nay Feinstein Nay
Gibson Nay Greenfield Yea Haggar (Don) Yea
Haggar (Jenna) Yea Hajek Nay Hawks Nay
Hawley Nay Heinemann (Leslie) Excused Heinert Nay
Hickey Nay Hoffman Yea Hunhoff (Bernie) Nay
Johns Nay Kaiser Yea Killer Nay
Kirschman Nay Kopp Yea Langer Nay
Latterell Yea Lust Nay Magstadt Yea
May Yea Mickelson Yea Munsterman Nay
Nelson Yea Novstrup (David) Nay Olson (Betty) Yea
Otten (Herman) Nay Parsley Nay Peterson Nay
Qualm Yea Rasmussen Yea Ring Nay
Romkema Yea Rounds Nay Rozum Nay
Russell Yea Schaefer Nay Schoenfish Yea
Schrempp Nay Sly Yea Soli Nay
Solum Nay Stalzer Yea Steele Yea
Stevens Nay Tulson Yea Tyler Nay
Verchio Yea Werner Nay Westra Yea
Wick Yea Wink Yea Wismer Nay
Gosch Yea

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