An Open Letter to Rep. Noem on COOL


Open Letter to Rep. Kristi Noem on TPP & TTIP:

March 2015

An example of Country Of Origin Labeling (COOL) for food (Source: USDA)

An example of Country Of Origin Labeling (COOL) for food (Source: USDA)

Dear Rep. Noem:

I have repeatedly requested a response to my questions on these trade agreements:

1) We now import about 60% of the lamb and mutton that we consume in this nation. My understanding is that we also have net imports of almost 12% of the beef we consume. Will these trade agreements improve this situation?

2) If we were feeding that many more sheep and cattle in America, wouldn’t we feed up enough grain that we wouldn’t have to seek export markets for that?

3) Wouldn’t the added jobs here in America create an economic improvement overall or are the donations you receive from the corporate entities more valuable to you than the general welfare of the people here in South Dakota?

I look at the WTO and their attack on COOL, then I ask is more trade and imports ../of_beef_from_places_like_Canada_and_their_ongoing_problems_with_bse__mad_cow_disease.css)?; Argentina and their problems with foot & mouth disease?; Korea and other Asian countries and their foot & mouth disease problems? Do we want expanded trade with these nations and risk our livestock industries to exposure to more of these diseases at the same time telling the consumer that it is too expensive to let him know where his food comes from?

Please! Let’s put America first in trade and labeling! Let’s put South Dakota first in our promotion of beef and not continue to feed the fraud in our present beef checkoff.

Rep. Kristi Noem: I want to believe in you. Please give me some reasons that I can!

Sincerely, [signed by]

Bill Kluck, Vice-President, SD Stockgrowers, Mud Butte, SD

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  • retiredday

    Just one more example of how the profits of globalism come at the expense of what’s good for America and Americans.