Amnesty Was Boehner’s Plan All Along


Todd Starnes outlines one of the many reasons why RINO John Boehner needs to go as Speaker of the House.

If only Republican leadership spent as much time and money attacking President Obama [and Leftist policies] as they do conservatives.

The GOP establishment is so deep in cahoots with the Left that we might as well have Democrats in their chairs. Whether they actually embrace liberal values (as many of them do), or whether they’re completely without testicles (as many of them are), or whether they support liberal goals for different reasons, i.e. supporting amnesty because their donors want cheap labor (as many of them do), the end result is the same: Leftist goals get advanced.

And if the 75 “Republicans” who supported Boehner in betraying the American people and the rule of law won’t repent, they need to go in the next election, too.

I don’t know about you folks, but I’m tired of politicians campaigning as Republicans, and governing as Democrats.


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