Amnesty: ‘Republicans’ Don’t Want to Stop It


amnesty_Republicans_RINOs_2Are congressional “Republicans” really stupid enough to allow President Obama to implement amnesty for illegal aliens?

While many definitely aren’t the brightest bulb in the pack, even those dufuses aren’t that stupid.

No, they want amnesty for those who have invaded our country.

Their plan is to whine and bellyache about that mean ole’ Obama…while doing absolutely nothing to stop Obama’s Leftist agenda.

In their myopic minds, this is the best of both worlds: they get to pander to liberal minorities (who will never love them, no matter what they do) while pandering to their (embarrassingly conservative) base.

The public was desperate enough to ignore their records and believe their rhetoric that they’ll actually behave differently than they’ve done in the past.

What happens when the “Republican” establishment yet again betrays the American people, and the American people cannot avoid facing that reality?

Then, how long will it be before the American people will trust them again…and how much damage will be done to American in the meantime?

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  • AC700

    I like Ben, May God rest his old employer, fact is the GoP knew all about the guy from the beginning - so did the media, they either covered or a gag order was placed on em….. They all knew, they all know….. Even Levin, Hannity, Rush, Shapiro….. Beck got kicked off Fox….. They are playing stupid now - but they all know but nobody to go to …… But God, I fear in many ways it’s over…… Stupid charades now!