Actions Speak Louder Than Words

pig_fWe should all be indebted to Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik for their tireless work in exposing the Jew-hating crime family that is known as the Palestinian Authority.

With the growing and lethal murder spree by Arab Muslim thugs against Israeli Jews – clearly instigated by Mahmoud Abbas (aka Abu Mamzer) – the October 8, 2015 bulletin in Palestinian Media Watch is particularly instructive.

As Marcus and Zilberdik point out, for these Arabs who call themselves Palestinians, the grisly picture of a young Israeli couple – Naama and Eitam Henkin, murdered in front of their four children last week – is most significant and “brings joy to Palestinians who see the killing as heroic.”

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Marcus and Zilberdik reveal again and again how the Islamo-Nazi Arabs, who call themselves Palestinians, revel in an orgy of perverted joy when they are murdering Israeli Jews.

But so many Israelis are justifiably questioning the policies of Israel’s leadership, from the Prime Minister down, which appear lacking in effective measures against fatal Arab thuggery; to put it mildly.

No doubt, the rules of engagement imposed upon the police and border guards are having no real deterrent effect upon the knife wielding Muslim murderers.

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat has urged Israelis to carry their concealed weapons, but so few Israeli civilians are allowed to even apply for such self-defense means. For both the government and the Jerusalem Mayor, it would seem that the old expression applies:

“Actions speak louder than words.”

Because of current official policy, with respect to owning a self-defense weapon, I am amazed therefore that Israeli Jews do not at least take it upon themselves to carry a kitchen knife or a pocket knife, even a fork, to help ward off Arab thugs who attack them. Yeshiva students, in particular, please take note.

If most Israelis are currently unable to obtain guns for self-defense, at least have a knife, screwdriver – anything that can be used to defend oneself and hurt the Arab monsters who seem able to walk the streets of Jerusalem and elsewhere freely armed with lethal knives.

And, of course, it is long past time to inflict utter horror upon the Muslim miscreants who cannot wait to murder Jews and be guaranteed a place in Islamic paradise; replete with the usual 72 re-cycled virgins.

That ultimate horror for Muslim terrorists is to be struck with bullets soaked in lard and pork grease. U.S. General John Pershing did this when fighting Muslim terrorists and it worked. The British did this when fighting Muslim fanatics in India and again it worked.

Let Abu Mamzer know that though this is not official Israeli policy, nevertheless Israel cannot guarantee that many Israeli citizens will not be carrying their own knives and screwdrivers coated in you know what.

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