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Big_newsI just don’t get it. It seems that when media pundits write or speak, a certain segment of Americans automatically believe. Forget whether it has any basis of truth, it’s been printed in a daily journal. If this be the case going forward, our American sunrise is being reversed.

Forget America’s history of belligerence, of individualism and can do spirit; we are now meekly following the path leading to servitude. When authority can preach and the people accept that up is down or that night is day, just think how attractive that power becomes when employed successfully?

For the life of me, I cannot understand how Harry Reid can put a cork in hundreds of House bills and yet can still place the blame upon the belligerent House Republicans. How is it possible that belligerence is their mainstay when caving in is their final act?

Our American clock is ticking. We can either go into the dark obediently or call a spade a spade. Now, if those we elect stumble, it is to the people to rebuke and replace each letdown. We need neither kegs nor the harbor to throw them into. We just need to uphold what we have been bequeathed.

Take for instance the latest AP blather. In her first paragraph, Kimberly Hefling wrote, “Democrats showed no indication they were willing to talk…” Excuse me, but does this register as compromise or an amiable approach or is it what its always been; Reid closing the door on House passed legislation. Ms. Hefling then proceeds to question the more conservative elements within the Republican majority, which after all, was the point of her article.

A simple reason for the deaf ears and this stagnation of legislation could be the back home comfort levels of particular House leaders. That Nancy Pelosi classic, “we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what‘s in it” makes my point. For those coming from a hugely supportive district, in Pelosi’s case, one comprising of the far left, her sassy remark was applauded. It seems that comfort with constituents greases the doors of mischief. This lack of voter backlash might be present with other politicians. If wavering be the benchmark, NY’s Rep. King and Ca. Rep. Nunes may enjoy equal flexibilities.

At this point, with the future of free elections hanging in the balance, here is a Congressional loudmouth who not only finds comfort in condemning his more conservative Republicans but is also willing to reduce employee wages through this certain avalanche of cheap labor which Barack Obama’s amnesty will produce.

With the Homeland Security bill alive for another week, King’s impatience is obvious with his “We cannot allow this small group to block it.” Or how about, “…we’re not going to allow this faction to be dominating…” What he is endorsing is none other than legalizing millions of illegals; which would tilt the scales with that many more democrat voters.

Then, from the shadows comes that paragon of Constitutional virtue, Rep. Devin Nunes. It seems as though Nunes is becoming a much sought after voice as AP columnists utilize his anti-Tea Party venom. In his latest outburst, he refers to his party’s Constitutional segment as “A small group of phony conservative members who have no credible policy proposals and no political strategy to stop Obama’s lawlessness.” As if his siding with Reid does!

Since Obama came to power, little has been accomplished in Congress. Contrary to the media misrepresentations, Reid has become Obama’s protector in that his Senate leadership role has dead ended hundreds of House passed pieces of legislation.

From the annuals of the Congressional Record, excerpts are provided twice a year by The New American magazine. These portions contain the voting records from both parties and highlights what the media refuses to report. What follows in brief detail proves my point.

During a two year period, this magazine publishes four issues containing ten votes per, for a total of forty votes from all Congressional members. This provides the reader with a documented accounting of one’s representation. Naturally, a score of 100% is perfect. These totals were for the 113th Congress which ended this past January.

In the Senate, there are eighteen states in which both senators were Democrats. Twelve of those have their senator’s total grading out at less than 10%. In other words, out of the forty issues, for someone to register in the single digits, only one or two votes were in accordance with our Constitution. The highest rated Democrat Senator was West Virginia’s Manchin with a paltry 26%! Incidentally, separate from the eighteen, Reid lumbered in at 10%.

On the other side, the Republican totals were significantly higher. The lowest score was Sen. Collins’ 38% while the best came from Utah’s Sen. Lee at 95%. The average Republican score was 70% while the Democrat tally hovered around 6%.

Additionally, there were four Senate Democrats who after forty votes failed to register one damn vote in accordance with our Constitution. If zero out of forty isn’t treasonous, what is?

These numbers will never be printed in the New York or Los Angeles Times. However, they do point to a deep seated problem which may explain the true nature as to why Congress remains so inept.

And just for kicks, those two Republican big mouths, King and Nunes, each have much to improve with their respective 43 and 42 totals. So while they carp against those “phony conservatives,” they should just go ahead and make it official, change parties. Their scores are only laudable in democrat circles.

And for us, the true sovereigns, it would behoove us to invest more time and effort in the selection process. At this stage, the corruption is spreading and only the most credible of candidates will be able to stem its growth.

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