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sandConspiracy is the gateway to true inquiry.

Scientism, naturalism and atheism are the foundational trinity of modern secular thought. A rejection of all that is sacred and pure is the new normal. We’ve been thrust headlong toward a future path void of moral clarity, social direction, ethical guidance, personal discretion, and spiritual wisdom.

We are a rudderless ship. Modern ‘science’ will keep going in circles, ultimately killing the good and fruitful progress achieved thus far.

We are living in a day of complete social decline. A time in which the difference between good and evil is become indistinguishable. America is swiftly turning into a cesspool of lawlessness, deceit and propaganda - a byproduct of those recklessly running the show.

We must always be leery of selective and  carefully expressed language. The law of averages (and the Sovereign Decree) will ultimately rule the day.

There are revelations to be found within carefully constructed theories. They are the hidden meanings behind the fancy terminology. The information conveyed by words left unspoken and the gaps forever left undone.

The leaders all too willing to engage in the sin of omission will claim their reward in due time. Ultimately, truth lies in the implications of what is proposed and the aggression to which it is carried out.

We are at a crossroads. Where will you stand?

A few random thoughts on….

Autism -

There may not be a ‘direct link’ with immunizations. But always be leery of selective and carefully expressed language. Sometimes the law of averages catches up - processed foods, genetics, environment, live viruses, technology/radiation - it’s all a recipe for breakdown and defect.

Evolution -

Evolution defies the natural laws and probabilities. Carefully constructed theories are revealing in what they don’t say as much as the fancy terminology they flaunt.

Final Thoughts -

Money drives research and propaganda. Too many outdated and debunked science text books still in circulation. Too often the Pharmaceutical Co’s, Universities/Med Schools/Research Facilities, Federal Government, and Manufacturers/Corporate Entities are in bed together.

Who controls the networks? Follow the money trail always.

What are the parameters for research? Are there ways to make conclusions sound much more ironclad than they really are? Is there never a philosophical or ideological agenda?


A cure for cancer via natural processes is no find when profit becomes the bottom line and over population the biggest fear. Little conspiracy in my line of thought? Maybe…

….But it’s well grounded.

Those who seduce, solicit support, and do damage control, are prone to lies (and to stifle those all too inconvenient research findings)

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