A Government Where Fraud and Waste Come to Live

lucy_football_Charlie…A Government Where Trust and Integrity Go To Die!!!

All sound reason and moral judgment has gone out the window and our government resembles something we’d be ashamed to bring home to mom. We can no longer live with ourselves in the morning. The time is at hand!

This land is your, this land is my land, this land has become a moral, political and ideological wasteland. And the trend just continues……

It’s over for the GOP!

Empty promises, hidden agendas and backdoor deals is all they have to offer. They will become a casualty of their own self inflicted wounds. America is dying a slow death and a growing number of heartbroken conservatives refuse to be complicit any longer.

Judas needs to get out of the way already. You can’t claim to be part of the solution when you’re fanning the flames behind the scenes. The GOP is a major part of the problem and they are merely providing cover and biding time. They’ve spent so much time dancing with the devil that they forgot who they’re suppose to serve.

Check Please!

It’s mass exodus time. We’re talking door number three.

Pick a day of renunciation. That will be the day that Republican membership plummets. There are too many roadblocks and saboteurs to make changes from the inside. A true ‘We The People’ Party must rise up and reclaim this spiritual wasteland.

The Democrats are Lucy, the GOP is the football and we are Charlie Brown. It is all a sick game and ‘We The People’ are tired of being played……

No more misapplied loyalties.

It’s Faith, Freedom, Family or Bust….Renew this Wasteland!

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