A Cruz-Walker GOP Ticket?

The Tea Party News Network has an interesting article on a survey done by Breitbart in June of 55,000 participants which found Ted Cruz and Scott Walker coming out on top for the #1 and #2 spots, with Rand Paul and Ben Carson coming up third and fourth.

Cruz, emphasizing his “bold” brand of conservative contrasted with the “pale pastels” of establishment Republicans, finished first in the poll, receiving 30% of first place votes.

Walker has realized electoral success by taking on government unions and prevailing in a recall election. He’s been promoted as one who can unite the grassroots and establishment wings of the Republican party to defeat Hillary Clinton in the general election. Walker received 22% of first place votes in the poll.

Despite Walker’s excellent work in Wisconsin, Walker’s dodge-and-weave on illegal immigration has for some time left me uneasy about him–though I could definitely live with him as #2 on the ticket better than I could Jeb Bush, Mike Huckabee or any number of other RINOs.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal only announced his entry into the presidential race late in June, so was almost certainly not even a factor in Breitbart’s survey. Anyone who has been around me long knows that I’ve been a Ted Cruz for president supporter for quite some time, especially since I came to understand that he has no constitutional eligibility issues. I’m obviously not the only conservative to realize that Ted Cruz is unique among candidates in his record of supporting conservative principles and fighting for them; he raised $51 million in the last three months, and did it without the help of an establishment PAC like RINO Jeb Bush had backing him.

Ted Cruz 2016


But had Bobby Jindal entered the race much sooner, I would have had a very difficult time deciding whether to back Cruz or Jindal; having watched the records (not just the rhetoric, but the records) of both,  I consider both to be two of the most reliable conservatives in government today.

Indeed, if you look at Conservative Review’s scorecard of declared presidential candidates, the only candidates with a better score are Rand Paul (whom I decided some time ago not to support, despite his pretty good record, because of his recent pandering to the Left on things like illegal immigration and voter ID, endorsing a RINO, and calls to surrender on social issues) and of course Ted Cruz. And if you look a little closer at how Conservative Review scored Jindal and Paul, Jindal has more “greens” (the best score) than Paul.

So yes, I’d rather see a Cruz-Jindal ticket. Anyone who is conservative enough and committed enough to those values to cause the New York Times to deliberately keep them off their best-seller list, as they have done with Cruz’s new book, has to be formidable. And Jindal has done an outstanding job as governor of Louisiana.

I could live with a Cruz-Walker ticket, but the best hope for getting America off its poisonous course to the Left and back into good health again would be a Cruz-Jindal ticket.  Sixteen years with two committed conservatives at the helm of our nation just might save this ailing nation, and restore us to the greatness of freedom and prosperity we were once known for.


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