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I’m Sick of the Gary & Sara Harvey Case — Time to Move On

June 25, 2012   ·   By   ·   9 Comments

Gary Harvey

Gary Harvey

On December 10, 2010, I wrote, “Wife’s Visitation in Jeopardy: The Recycling of Gary Harvey’s Holiday Restrictions,” which began:

Last year, I wrote the following article:
Wife’s Visitation in Jeopardy: The Isolation of Gary Harvey

By Carrie K. Hutchens on November 7th, 2009

Gary Harvey is the brain injured man from New York, who seems to have his own private “death panel” determined to kill him off and to make his and his wife’s life as miserable as possible, until the sentence is carried out. One might think it could get no worse than it has been. One should never think such thoughts, lest one (or more) be shown that — for however bad — things can actually get worse!

Though it wasn’t Sara sitting on the so-called ethics committee that determined Gary should be starved and dehydrated to death — the Guardian and County (who actually were involved in the attempted death of an innocent person) — have suggested she is a danger to her husband.

Huh? Did I miss something there?

Kinda reminds me of the deal with my gas cap vs car warranty.  Every year, almost to the date, I suddenly didn’t know how to put on my gas cap, it caused the engine light to go on and dealers wanted to charge me for that information.  Of course, the rest of the year, I did just fine.  I put it on good.  Still, it must have been my fault, it couldn’t be a defect or a setup.

Let’s see, the Harvey visitation was in jeopardy in November of 2009, followed by another jeopardy in December of 2010.  Then comes September 2011 (or there about),  when someone (unbeknownst to Sara) called the police and said that Gary’s life was in danger by some unknown person.  Sara didn’t have a thing to do with any of it, but guess who got punished?  Sara & Gary.   Visits were stopped during the alleged investigation?  How convenient to have an excuse and something to blame her for even though it wasn’t her blame to be held responsible for.

It quickly (or should have) became obvious that Sara didn’t have anything to do with the call, but that didn’t matter.  It must somehow be her fault and even if it wasn’t — it was a good excuse to put a camera in Gary’s room.  So now, we have a camera and a guard.  When will they dress Sara up as Hannibal Lector for her visits?  That’s what many of us wonder.

The road has indeed been bumpy since the phone call incident, but it has recently gotten even worse.

Sara apparently submitted a report alleging neglect (regarding a visible wound/sore on her husband) sometime around May 31, 2012.  She was immediately accused of breaking the visitation and privacy rules (whistle-blowing?).  Would any be surprised to learn that the already cruel visitation restriction has been replaced by ABSOLUTELY NO VISITATION allowed by Sara Harvey?

I wasn’t surprised either.

Sara pays for the insurance that pays the hospital.  The hospital sure doesn’t have any trouble billing that insurance that she pays for.  She’s certainly good enough to pay the premiums, but I guess that’s all she is good for.  Beyond the premium paying, she apparently doesn’t count for anything in their book, it would seem.  She certainly isn’t treated as though she is Gary’s wife.  There certainly isn’t any compassion.  I mean, how dare she worry about Gary or ask questions or try to make sure he gets the quality care her insurance is paying for?  How dare she wish to visit Gary?  Just who does she think she is?  His wife or something?

I went to the St. Joseph Hospital website and read their mission statement, which says in part:

St. Joseph’s Hospital, a Catholic health facility, is a voluntary not-for-profit community general hospital founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Rochester in cooperation with the physicians and citizens of Elmira, NY. The St. Joseph’s Hospital community, by maintaining a deep respect for the dignity of each person, strives to heal, as Jesus did, in mind, body and spirit, all who come to us.

Oh really?

As a Catholic and one who has been involved in writing and investigating the Gary and Sara Harvey case for several years now — I’m offended by the mission statement.  Jesus would never ever treat either Gary or Sara Harvey as they have been treated.

  • Jesus would never have isolated Gary in a room with little to no stimulation.
  • Jesus would never leave Gary constantly lying in a bed, rather than putting him in his chair.
  • Jesus would never have left Gary lying in a bed 24/7 without physical therapy.
  • Jesus would never have tried to get the court to agree to starving and dehydrating Gary.

There are a great many things that Jesus would not have done or do, including being so cruel as to restrict visitation between husband and wife, and then cut it off, such as has been done.

The Catholic church holds marriage vows sacred, yet here is a so-called Catholic hospital that is acting as though Sara Harvey is some stranger, rather than Gary’s wife.  As such, Sara is not treated with compassion.  She is being treated as the enemy, rather than a wife desperately fighting for her husband.  This is treating people with dignity?

In the Catholic hospitals I’ve visited, there was this overwhelming sense of love, warmth and compassion.  It was as though Jesus was present in those halls and in those who served his sick and most vulnerable.  St. Joseph Hospital resembles none of that with regard to Gary and Sara Harvey.

The hospital can say what it wants, but if it took the time to really go over the Harvey case, it might see that it has been judging and treating Sara based on rumors, half-truths, distortions rather than actual facts, and poor representation by some of those whom she turned to for help, rather than the truth.  Jesus wouldn’t make that mistake, nor would he suffer from tunnel vision or see Sara as a non-person just good for paying the insurance premiums and nothing more.

Jesus knows there is no reason for Gary Harvey to lay alone in that room of isolation, away from the wife he loves and meant to live with until the end.  Jesus knows a great many things about this case and about those who have acted wrongly and cruelly.  There will be no hiding the truth from Him.

Jesus is no doubt proud of Sara for trying to help her husband, Gary, and doesn’t feel her efforts are frivolous.  She is, after all, in a desperate fight for the life of her husband against a system, a big hospital and several attorneys.

Frivolous?  I’d call the retaliation and need by the system to torture and control Gary and Sara Harvey frivolous.  It is self-indulging and unnecessary.  The cruelty is sickening.  It’s time to move on.  It’s time to stop making  Sara pay for being a wife fighting for her husband.  It’s time to send Gary home where he will receive the compassion, love and care that he deserves.

May St. Joseph Hospital step up to the plate and help right the wrong started by the county and others.  It could.  No doubt, it is what Jesus would do!

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  • Elaine Renoire, NASGA

    Thank you for this article and reminder that denying Gary
    Harvey the love and comfort of his wife is against the message and the doctrine
    of the Catholic Church and the mission of a Catholic hospital.

    It’s time for all of those who have involved with the mistreatment of Gary Harvey
    and his wife, either personally or as a detached “professional” to look in the
    mirror and examine his/her soul.

    What would Jesus do? I think he’d do
    what was right for Gary and send him home.

    • braveheart

      You are correct Elaine. Seems like the Catholic Church & Catholic Hospital or some of them anyways are not so Catholic as they claim to be. All about the money, greed in this county, has nothing to do with Jesus or doing the right thing.

  • braveheart

    Excellant artcile. Just sickens me how the county can trample over some ones rights when all you do is report abuse and neglect and try to turn it around that somehow I am the one who violated privacy of husband to people who may be able to help him?

  • Tim Lahrman

    WWJD ?? — It is no mystery … He would throw the money-changers out of the equation in the Harvey case and restore basic human dignity,compassion and respect to Gary and his wife. But let’s not forget, Gary and his wife are not dealing with people who possess the attributes of sane people — no one in their right mind could possible think that what is being done to Gary and his wife — the constant intentional emotional torment — is anything but the works of some very sick-minded people who seemingly get some kind of weird thrill out of tormenting Gary and his wife at a time of personal tragedy, and do it for the sake of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, filthy money that rules over basic human dignity, compassion and respect not unlike the motivations of the mafia or a common gang of street thugs, liars and theives, anything for money — why I bet a couple of these attorneys and social workers involved would steal, and likely did steal, from their own mother that’s how low a life-form these conniving univited meddlers’ are, sick sociopaths who know not how to speak the truth, never mind they know the truth.
    And the truth is — Gary and his wife do not deserve the torment being bestowed upon them, they deserve our compassion, respect and the diginity of our loving well wishes at this time personal tragedy — that is what Jesus would do, and that is precisely what HE would expect from you and me.
    Thank you Carrie and Bob for keeping the bright light burning on this sad situation. May Gary and his wife be delivered for this torment soon.

  • Tim Lahrman

    Sadly, this speaks volumes for the manner in which Gary and his wife are being treated

  • Tim Lahrman

    there was supposed to be an image/carricature with my post below begnning with “Sadly, ….” the image is of an angry mean-spirited CPS agent hovering over her frightened target and the caption says —-
    “I did not say it was your fault, I said I am blaming you.”
    seriously, this is the precise double-talk being used on Gary and his wife, as with many vicitms of the guardianship game

  • Holly

    If Sara Harvey is such a risk wanting Gary dead then WHY does she continue to visit him? If the guardian is protecting Gary then WHY did the guardian try to end Gary’s life by starvation?
    I know Sara Harvey personally and all I can say is something STINKS in Chemung County… it’s not the Harvey’s!!!

  • Lou

    Jesus is the creater of life AND death. I’d like to see Chemung County out of this but assume it has to do with their medical malpractice.
    I wonder if someone there said, “Oops I dropped him but only a couple times!”

  • Jane Branson NASGA Member

    Gary and Sara’s Story Must be addressed
    In every STATE of the UNITED STATES,
    To prove to our citizens our families are
    Under attack and can be taken from us
    By inhumane predators who’s only goal
    Is use the victim for their own profits,
    The “Baby Boomers” are now at the same
    Threshold as GARY was when his accident
    Occurred. The mistake most Americans make
    Reading about GARY and SARAH HARVEY,
    You believe and think, “ this is happening to
    someone else or it’s A sad story…
    No..No..No !.. don’t fall into that
    Trap …It CAN and WILL happen to many of us
    Whether it’s a family member who is disabled,
    a child , Elderly victim, friend or neighbor.
    Many of the predators are the very ones
    We’re suppose to trust and depend on when we
    Need help unfortunately for GARY and SARA
    HARVEY…” St Joseph’s Hospital” turned
    out to be a Torture of Living Hell of inhumane
    Barbaric Treatment for both GARY & SARA
    My GOD IN HEAVEN, they even tried to
    Murder GARY…..
    American’s this is really happening to us
    And you can take it to bank it’s happening
    In your very own STATE.
    Please contact your STATE Attorney General‘s
    Office, Congress, March on the White House
    Our families will be taken from us as GARY
    Was taken from SARA…
    Any of us that are going through this Hell
    We will never give up the Fight for our love ones
    FREEDOM but understand this, it has changed us
    We no longer trust our Courts and those that are
    Suppose to PROTECT US.

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