Homosexual Activist, Leftist Judge Move to Silence Free Speech

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Photo credit: Joshua SherurcijIt was the 1979 Sugar Bowl championship game between number one, Penn State, and number two, Alabama. Penn State had the ball.  It was fourth and goal at Alabama’s half-yard line.  Alabama was up over Penn State 14 to 7.  The Penn State Nittany Lions could tie it up or even win the championship with a two-point conversion, but the Crimson Tide managed to make a phenomenal goal line stand which earned Bama the 1979 college football national championship.

This kind of down-to-the-wire playing makes for exciting, legendary football, but when contending for the soul of a nation, it is a terrible thing to be in the position of needing a miraculous goal line stand.  In the case of the United States, if far too many of us had not been soundly sleeping for the past several decades, we might have been able to stop the radical leftists inside their own twenty, but as it is, we have not only let them move down the field into our territory, but we now stand backed up to our own goal line, and they have the ball with four fresh downs in front of them.

The radical Left has made awful “progress” in every area of our society, and one of the biggest areas of gain is in the militant homosexual arena.  This diabolical movement has seen a huge leap in power and influence, especially since Barack Obama (or whatever his name is) was installed in the White House.  Members of the radical homosexual Left are now more brazen than ever, and those of us on the Christian, conservative Right find ourselves playing desperate defense, deep in our red zone—and it’s no game; it’s deadly serious.

One chilling and outrageous development came to us a couple of weeks ago.  Hold on tight to your lunch; this story is puke-worthy.

Woodrow Wilcox


Brian Camenker of the family advocacy and news organization, MassResistance, has been falsely accused of harassment and cyber-stalking by a radical homosexual activist.

As Brian reported back on June 8th,

“The homosexual movement is now using local liberal judges to go after pro-family activists.

An adult homosexual activist convicted of sexually molesting a 14-year-old boy he met at a ‘gay youth’ event got a judge in Maine to issue a bizarre legal restraining order against Brian Camenker of MassResistance regarding an exposé of those activities, even though Camenker lives in Massachusetts and had never had any contact with the man.”

This outrage stems from the 25-year-old homosexual pedophile activist, Adam Flanders, having written a public letter back in 2007 that exposed the awful activities within a homosexual youth club, of which he was a member.  In the letter, Flanders describes sexual contact between adult advisors and underage kids, alcohol and drug use, threats and attempts of suicide, as well as his own sexual encounters with two 14-year-old boys.  As Brian notes in his report, MassResistance has been warning about these dangers within homosexual youth clubs for years now.

Flanders sent his letter to two local police departments, news media and some pro-family organizations asking them to investigate the homosexual youth club.  His letter was posted on the Internet by various groups, including MassResistance.

It was the following year, in 2008, that Flanders was convicted of sexual abuse of a minor by an adult.  He is now a registered sex offender in the State of Maine.

Last August, five years after he distributed his public letter, Flanders decided he wanted it removed from any website that had posted it.  So he sent threatening emails to websites that had his letter up, and most of the websites complied with his demand and removed the letter, but MassResistance did not.

As Brian Camenker reported,

“After MassResistance refused to remove the letter, Flanders, apparently in consultation with local homosexual groups, decided to use the tactic of going after Brian Camenker personally using the Maine restraining order statutes. He filed a formal ‘Complaint for Protection from Harassment’ action restraining order against Camenker in the Belfast Maine District Court.

It was a complete abuse of the process and intent of harassment and restraining orders. Camenker had never met, seen, spoken to, visited, or communicated with Flanders. The organization MassResistance had simply posted a document which Flanders had written himself and distributed publicly. And it was posted nearly five years earlier.

Flanders‘ complaint was made up of absurd lies and dishonesties (typical of the way the homosexual movement goes after people)…”

Flanders claimed that the posting of his public letter constituted “private and confidential information” that “nobody had a right to publish.”  Perhaps he should have thought of that before handing the letter out to so many public outlets.  His letter is not copyrighted material, and Flanders has no legitimate complaint with any legal standing.

Nevertheless, District Judge Patricia G. Worth—who is clearly hostile to freedom of speech and freedom of the press for those who oppose the radical homosexual agenda—made her bad ruling, based on a fraudulent claim against Brian Camenker by Flanders, and she refused to even allow Brian to present testimony on his own behalf.  So, for now, Brian has on his record a restraining order issued by this so-called “judge” at the behest of a vindictive, radical homosexual pedophile.

Brian reported that he spoke with a pro-family lawyer in Maine, and the lawyer said this is a clearly absurd complaint, and the lawyer detailed several major problems with it which you can read at MassResistance.

Within a short time of Brian’s initial report on this disgusting story, Flanders targeted MassResistance’s web hosting company with threats of legal action.  Unbelievably, the company, Host Excellence, caved to Flanders’ demands and suspended the MassResistance website.  After being down for three days, Brian was able to contract with a new web hosting service which has already been threatened by Flanders, as well.

As Brian wrote in his latest report on Monday,

“As soon as the new site was up, Flanders traced the server addresses to identify the company. He then sent two chilling personal emails to the owner, also located in New England. The first email contained a series of legal fabrications about MassResistance. In the second email, Flanders listed the company owner’s full name, his home address, and his business address. (It was clearly meant to frighten him.) Flanders said he was giving him 24 hours to take down the MassResistance site. Flanders also threatened that he would begin various immediate legal actions against the owner personally, saying he was ‘personally culpable’ and would be seeking ‘personal damages’ from him.

The new web hosting company’s owner is a committed Christian, and so far is standing tall on this. He knows that Flanders has no actual legal basis for his claims. But Flanders’ range of threats and enraged intimidation tactics are naturally very worrisome to him and his family, to say the least.”

This kind of bully harassment is akin to the latest, evil trend used by the Left to silence opposition to their vile agenda.  SWATing is the new practice of a perpetrator calling in a false report of a shooting at the home of a conservative target—in the latest cases, conservative bloggers.  This is a reprehensible, criminal act that could get one of its conservative targets killed by a responding SWAT team.

In the case of Flanders, he is filing a false report and abusing the legal process intended to protect legitimate victims of stalking and harassment.

The intimidation being employed by Flanders against people who run websites has been effective.  Even though Brian Camenker will not cave, there are others who have given in to Flanders’ bully demands, including—astonishingly—WorldNetDaily (WND).

From Brian’s latest report,

“On Tuesday, June 12, WorldNetDaily published an article on Flanders’ actions against MassResistance titled, ‘’Gay’ activist uses ‘SWAT’ to silence critics.’ The following day, Wednesday, they posted another article about our site being taken down, titled, ‘Web company censors ‘public’ letter.’ They were thorough, well-written articles.

Then on Thursday, they were both missing from the WorldNetDaily site. We finally were able to speak to someone at WorldNetDaily who admitted that Flanders had contacted them and had made various claims and legal threats. So WorldNetDaily took them down . . . until further notice.

Someone retrieved the articles from the Google cache and sent them to us. Here’s what WorldNetDaily removed from its site:

WorldNetDaily: ‘’Gay’ activist uses ‘SWAT’ to silence critics.’

WorldNetDaily: ‘Web company censors ‘public’ letter.’

It seems that even exposing Obama is considered less risky for the conservative media than this. Why does our side cower before the homosexual bullies?”

It is truly a spooky day when the Christian warriors at WND bow to the hell-born pressure of the radical homosexual Left.

I began this piece with a football analogy.  This is where I see us.  We are literally on our own goal line facing the opposing team that we let get this close to victory.  Instead of playing offense against these radical leftists from the beginning, decades ago, we now need a major goal line stand by our defense just to slow them down.  Can they be stopped at this point?

The radical homosexual activists and their buddies on the courts and in our federal, state and local governments are moving ever closer to silencing the voices of Christians and other conservatives who are opposed to their demonic agenda.  Do not doubt for a minute that their goal is to outlaw any opposition to their degenerate, perverse behavior.  They will stop at nothing to shut us up.  Adam Flanders’ detestable actions against Brian Camenker and MassResistance are just the beginning of dark and darker things to come, unless our side is willing to take a very bold and fearless stand against this reprehensible movement.

Liberty Counsel has stepped up to help Brian in this major fight against the forces of the radical homosexual movement.  Adam Flanders likely has the backing of wealthy homosexual organizations.  Mass Resistance needs our help.  Please consider joining this fight by donating money to MassResistance to help Brian Camenker and his partners continue their vital mission and to defend themselves against these evil attacks .  Liberty Counsel is also very worthy of financial support.  Your prayers, as always, are greatly appreciated, as well.

It is far past time for those of us who care about truth to stand like lions against these militant homosexuals who are doing everything they can think of to silence those of us who speak against their wicked schemes.  If we do not make a fierce goal line stand, they will prevail, and we will be silenced.

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  • thisoldspouse

    Excellent article.

    Get ready to be lambasted by the “tolerant” ones, Gina.

    • WXRGina

      Yep. We’re waiting to see if that fellow throws a hissy fit on any site that carries this column.

      Thank you, Spouse!

  • jainphx

    The judicial system can and is used by the evil left to silence their “enemies” One day the real judge will come, that’s what we must look forward to.

    • WXRGina

      One day, JA…