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Moral Environment Spiraling Downward in US Military

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Airman 1st Class Ashley Gonzalez, 377th Security Forces Squadron (Photo credit: Todd Berenge)

Airman 1st Class Ashley Gonzalez, 377th Security Forces Squadron (Photo credit: Todd Berenge)

I’m afraid we’re beginning to see a dangerous slide of ethics and morality in the U.S. military.  You know, the force that is in charge of guns and tanks and fighters and bombers and nuclear missiles?  The one that is charged with defending the American people and our freedom?

There is cause for great concern.

From the Houston Chronicle:

The Air Force said Monday that it has removed 35 instructors in San Antonio from their jobs in less than a year for a variety of reasons, including illicit sexual conduct.

The one-time head of the service’s Security Forces command called the number “extraordinary.”

“For that many people to have been removed from that program, in my knowledge and experience, is unheard of, because the numbers in that period of time are mind-boggling,” retired Brig. Gen. Richard Coleman said Monday.

The 35 instructors make up about 8 percent of the 473 men and women who will train 36,000 recruits in San Antonio this year.

The article did clarify that not all of the 35 instructors were removed for sexual misconduct. The Air Force isn’t saying how many were removed for sexual misconduct, but the article does say that these 35 instructors were removed “temporarily or permanently removed from duty for unprofessional conduct” over the past year.

Here is one that is pretty astonishing:

Staff Sgt. Luis A. Walker was removed from his instructor’s job over misconduct allegations. He is charged with having illicit sexual conduct with 10 women in basic and technical training, including intercourse with four of them.

This is really sad, for a lot of reasons.

For one thing, our military personnel need to be concerned with fighting off the enemy instead of worrying about fighting off sexual advances.

For another, I think of my teenage daughter and consider how I would feel if she chose to join the military. There are so many positive benefits of serving in the military, so much it can teach a person and develop them, not to mention the honor of having helped defend your country.  But would I really be able to rest easy, knowing my daughter was in a military (especially in a vulnerable training environment) where this level of misbehavior is going on?

Sadly, this shouldn’t be too surprising, given the efforts of Leftists to purge morality from the U.S. military, and we can only expect things to get worse if we continue down our current path of hostility toward objective standards of truth.

A couple of years ago, a lame-duck Democrat congress and a Democrat president decided to force open homosexual behavior on the U.S. military, in defiance of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) as well as military standards, religious freedom, and all common sense as it pertains to military life. This move catering to the lowest common denominator comes complete with pro-homosexual indoctrination which tells our soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines to accept that this unnatural, immoral and dangerous sexual behavior is natural, moral and healthy. Military readiness, unit cohesion, and basic human decency now take a back seat to political correctness in the U.S. military.

Anti-Christian zealots have also succeeded in ending the teaching of “Just War Doctrine” in the Air Force because the doctrine is based on Christian doctrine. Apparently it isn’t important to know when and why the moral basis exists to go to war…and when it does not.

The anti-moral, anti-Christian campaign has become so outrageous that even military participation in Operation Christmas Child, a ministry which donates toys and toiletries to poor children around the world at Christmas, has been condemned.

When you wage a campaign to sanitize the U.S. military of the  objective moral foundation it has been based on for more than 200 years, should it be a surprise when troops behave immorally?  Human nature dictates that there will always be moral failures, even in the best of environments. How many will there be where the basis of morality is purposely expunged?  We are only beginning to find out.

Brig. Gen. Richard Coleman

Brig. Gen. Richard Coleman

The thought of my children serving in the rough-and-tumble environment of the military, where our traditional objective moral foundation is being systematically eradicated, fills me with apprehension. The thought of my safety and freedoms-and those of my children and their children-being entrusted to armed people who have only a relativistic view of morality fills me with real fear for the future.

Other nations have chosen to lower their moral and ethical standards for military service, and have paid a bitter price. As bitter as it was, these other nations do not bear the burden that always faces the U.S. military: first to go, in the thickest of the fight, carrying most of the weight before and after the battle, and the last to leave.

Incidentally, the Brig. Gen. Coleman quoted in the article was commander of my unit in England. He left the year before I arrived, but those who knew him always spoke of him in glowing terms (or, as we used to say, they made him sound like he walked on water). Coleman was apparently an outstanding police commander (what was then known as Security Police is now known as “Security Forces”); it’s no wonder he ended up being the top cop in the Air Force. If he expresses amazement at some of these developments, we would all do well to heed his caution.

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