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Other Romney Advisors More Portents of a Liberal Administration

June 4, 2012   ·   By   ·   0 Comments

AllahPundit at Hot Air has a very informative contribution.

Remember when I pointed out (after having pointed out all of Mitt “RomneyCare” Romney’s liberal proclivities for the past year) that Romney’s choice for his spokesman of an open homosexual who wants to undermine marriage was a portent of the kind of liberal administration we could expect from a Romney Administration?

It seems Richard Grenell isn’t the only liberal Romney wants in his administration.

From Hot Air:

Remember, under ObamaCare states have a “choice” of either introducing their own exchanges — subject to federal regulations, natch — by 2014 or letting their citizens participate in the new federal exchange when it finally comes online. If you’re a Republican governor who opposes O-Care, the obvious move is to do nothing. By creating a state exchange now, you’re legitimizing Obama’s pet boondoggle before Republicans in Congress get a serious crack at repealing it and burdening yourself with a program that may yet be micromanaged by federal regulators even if the mandate is struck down by the Supreme Court.

What a pity South Dakota’s “Republican” governor and “Republican” legislature couldn’t figure this out. Anway…

Hot Air points out something Rush Limbaugh was talking about earlier today, that Romney has tapped Utah Gov. Mike Leavitt to help him set up his administration, and Leavitt just happens to believe in these state-level ObamaCare boondoggles.

Hot Air quotes Ben Domenech at Ricochet:

One can argue about the merits of an exchange absent Obamacare’s rules, regulations, authority shifts, price controls, and taxpayer funded subsidies. But the overwhelming majority of conservative policymakers understand that Obamacare’s exchanges are nothing more than delivery mechanisms for massive taxpayer-funded subsidies and bureaucratic regulations from Washington. What’s more, states which avoid implementing exchanges may be able to avoid the implementation of Obamacare almost in its entirety…

What’s most concerning about all of this is not that Romney selected one of the few Republicans in the country who backs implementation of Obamacare’s exchanges.

“Republicans” are selling out our freedom about as fast as the Democrats are; about the only difference is that these “Republicans” are putting on the sad face and pretending they don’t like this spit on our Constitution and boots on our freedom.

And don’t ever forget that despite all his bogus bloviating, Romney forced virtually the same raw deal as ObamaCare on the people of Massachusetts; the only difference between RomneyCare and ObamaCare not being the inefficient and expensive damage to the health care system, but simply that he didn’t violate the U.S. Constitution to bring the people of Massachusetts under the heel of socialized medicine.

Limbaugh also mentioned today that another Romney advisor, Glenn Hubbard, believes in sticking it to the rich and spreading the wealth like another Marxist you and I know.  Why in the world would a “Republican” buy into this Marxist class envy garbage?  Is it really too much to ask to expect a Republican to treat ALL Americans the same and not demonize someone for being successful?

The 2012 election has provided the best chance we’ve had in years to elect a real Republican instead of some faker pseudo-liberal RINO.  Yet it seems most Republicans were stupid enough, gullible enough, desperate enough (to get rid of Obama), or culpable (with the liberals in the Democrat Party) enough to buy the “only Romney can beat Obama” bilge.

Whether you’re heading over a cliff at 80 MPH or going over the cliff at 50 MPH, either way, you’re going over the cliff. The fact that some “Republicans” want to take us over the cliff of liberalism a little slower than the liberals with a “D” after their name does nothing to send a tingle up my leg, just as a little poison in my food doesn’t make me feel better than having a lot of poison in my food. No matter how you look at it, liberalism is poison to the American way of life, a cancer on our republic.

Once again I have to ask myself: With “Republicans” this stupid, who needs Democrats to ruin the country?

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