Liberal War on Women Includes Targeting Baby Girls for Abortion

I honestly do not get this whole “sex selective abortion” thing.

When my wife was pregnant with our first child, I didn’t care in the slightest if we had a girl or a boy. When my daughter was born (we didn’t try to find out ahead of time the sex of our child), there was not even a twinge of disappointment that she was a girl instead of a boy. She is a precious flower whose only fault is being too stubborn and rebellious like her dad. The same thing was true with our second child, who turned out to be a boy; we love them both just as much, and they both bring my wife and I joy in different but equally wonderful ways.

Ironically,  sex-selective abortion highlights yet another deception and hypocrisy of the Left.

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We already knew that the Left likes to slander conservatives as racists…even though it was the Democrat Party who fought to preserve slavery and a Republican president who ended it, even though it was Democrats who founded the KKK and Republicans who fought against it, even though it was Democrats who promoted segregation and discrimination against black Americans for over 150 years while Republicans fought it,  even though it was Margaret Sanger who came up with Planned Parenthood as a way to get rid of black children, and still finds it acceptable to target black children for abortion today.

Now we see that while liberals like to claim conservatives are “Taliban” sexists who want to oppress women and keep them pregnant in the kitchen…it is the Left that judges women on their looks, pays women less, trashes conservative women with sexual innuendo, uses vulgar language about women, and who promote sex-selective abortion.

This abortion counselor even goes so far as to counsel this pregnant woman who wants to get rid of her child because it’s a girl to lie about her intentions and utilize taxpayer funds to further her selfish ends. She then says that what matters is not the life of the innocent children being slaughtered, but that the pregnant woman have her perfect little family, her “boy and my girl.”  How supremely narcissistic to consider innocent human life less important than having your personal idea of a picture-perfect family (of course all the dead ones won’t be in the picture, will they?).

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If the truth in our political sphere were anymore backward, there would be no doubt at all that we were living in a George Orwell 1984-esq socialist paradise..

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  • Carrie_K_Hutchens

    This should wake up the sleeping minds and get them in comprehension mode! This is very REAL, no matter how many times we are told it is not!