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Agenda 21 Primer for a Small Town Mayor

May 29, 2012   ·   By   ·   20 Comments

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After reading Ocean Springs, Mississippi Mayor Connie Moran’s rebuttal to a letter to the editor in our local newspaper, I was compelled to respond.  In the spirit of temperance, I am willing to give the Democrat Mayor Moran the benefit of a doubt and assume that she is simply uninformed rather than disingenuous.  I will also overlook her condescending tone and her calling those of us who have researched and studied this issue “conspiracy theorists” who are “proliferating” under a “delusion” about the promoters of the tenets of Agenda 21.

Putting all that aside, I would like to take a few moments here to give an overview of the United Nations’ (UN) Agenda 21.  This globalist program is no secret.  It is not a theory; it is a verifiable fact, and it is being implemented by more than 150 countries, including the United States.  In speaking of the UN, we must remember that the UN is a largely communist organization, and many of its policies are antithetical to the United States Constitution, our freedoms and our national sovereignty.

Agenda 21 is a type of treaty agreement that has never been debated or adopted by the US Congress, yet it is still being implemented all across America right down to the local village level, including here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  In a nutshell, its purpose is Marxist-style wealth redistribution and the severe restricting—or theft, if you will—of private property rights and individual freedoms, all under the guise of “saving the environment.”

This is not hyperbole, and anyone who is actually interested in the facts can very easily find them.  The UN’s own website is full of information on Agenda 21 and the methods for implementing it outside of legislation, through non-governmental organizations such as citizen advisory boards, “visioning councils,” and other such planning committees.

The history of this movement goes back decades, at least to the early 1970s, but a key year was 1987 when the nebulous term “sustainable development” was coined in a report titled, “Our Common Future,” which came from the UN World Commission on Environment and Development.

In 1992, the UN’s Conference on Environment and Development, the “Earth Summit,” held in Rio de Janeiro, produced three documents:  The Convention on Biological Diversity, The Framework Convention on Climate Change, and Agenda 21.  As one of his last acts in office, President George H.W. Bush signed on to what were called the “Rio Accords.”   After all, who needs congressional review?

According to Henry Lamb, who is one of our nation’s foremost experts on the UN’s global governance plans,

“Agenda 21 contains 288 pages of specific policy recommendations which, when fully implemented, will result in what its authors consider to be ‘sustainable development.’  Chapter two calls for the creation of a ‘national strategy’ for the implementation of Agenda 21 recommendations.  Within months of his election (July 19, 1993), President Clinton complied with the recommendation of Agenda 21 by issuing Executive Order 12852 which created the President’s Council on Sustainable Development (PCSD).”

This was the year 1993, the very same year that Mayor Connie Moran’s highly-praised and defended Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU) was created.  Perhaps not surprisingly, on the board member page at CNU’s website, it is reported that board member Scott Bernstein (who happens to be at the very top of the page) was appointed by President Bill Clinton to the PCSD.  Bernstein is a champion in fighting the hypothesis of anthropogenic (man-made) “global warming,” or the more euphemistically named, “climate change.”

The CNU is one of many dozens of similar non-governmental organizations—with non-profit status, of course—that have sprung up here in the United States in the wake of Agenda 21, and that are aggressively pushing its recommendations.  The CNU’s charter has the same goals for American cities and communities as Agenda 21.

So, what exactly are the goals of Agenda 21, and what makes them sinister?  Agenda 21 is Marxism on a global scale, and on the surface the goals and terminology may seem noble to the uninformed.  We have seen Agenda 21 terms infused into our common lexicon.  The whole “green” movement is part of it.  “Smart growth,” “smart codes,” “sustainable communities,” “environmental justice” and all things “environmentally sound,” are parts of it.  The subtlety of these ideas is that many people think these are good things, but they do not see what these things truly mean for our freedoms and way of life.

Ultimately, it is about abolition of national sovereignty and the strict control of land use, which all but eliminates private property rights.  It calls for the drastic reduction of energy and product consumption by wealthier nations.  It also prescribes for collectivist redistribution of money and natural resources from “developed” countries to “developing” countries.  Never mind that many of the “developing” countries are ruled by tyrants who deliberately keep their people in poverty, and that no amount of money and resources poured into these black holes will change that.  Agenda 21 nevertheless undertakes to “spread the wealth” in a futile and deceptive effort to make all nations “equitable.”

This plan goes all the way down to the local community level here in the United States, as in every other country under its sway.

As Henry Lamb writes,

“Whatever the program is called in any community in the country, the outcome will be the same. Recommendations will be developed which call for a reduction of fossil fuel energy use with specific recommendations to apply special taxes to fuels and to automobiles based on miles driven. Mass transit, bicycle and pedestrian paths are called for, while automobile travel is penalized. Education is to include ‘lifelong learning’ opportunities and embrace principles of ‘sustainable living’. Land use is to be strictly governed to prevent ‘urban sprawl’ and to provide for ‘ecosystem management’—irrespective of the wishes of private property owners. It is nothing short of amazing that the various plans from the various communities all come out looking so much alike, and so much like the recommendations contained in Agenda 21.

… Across the land, Agenda 21 is being implemented. Elected officials at every level are being co-opted by the sophistication of a well-devised international strategy that is being implemented locally. Absent from all these visions of the future are the fundamental values on which America was built: freedom for individuals to live where they choose, drive what they choose, and do what they choose. … Sustainable communities will ensure that individuals and nations pursue the future only along the paths deemed ‘sustainable’ by those self-appointed bureaucrats who think they know what is best for the world.”

The good news in all this is that more and more of us freedom-loving Americans are becoming aware of these schemes and are taking action at the local level to stop and reverse the trend and to vote out politicians who support these plans.   We are working to educate local leaders like Mayor Connie Moran, who may or may not understand what is at stake.  There are, however, many people in leadership positions, both Republicans and Democrats, who do understand and yet still support these leftist UN goals.  We have our work cut out for us.

Another daunting aspect of this is the fact that this program has been taught to our school kids for many years now.  Environmental extremism is certainly part of the “green” curriculum in our government-run public schools.

In an excellent essay titled, “Agenda 21: The Blueprint to Advance Sustainable Development,” Daniel Beckett writes,

“Problem is, most of the Think Global—Act Local socialists realize that most adults are smart enough to see through their utopian pipe dreams. Their solution? Brainwash the school children. It’s not education anymore. It’s indoctrination. That’s why it’s so important to have good teachers in the system. The local Packard Foundation (billions of dollars in assets at last check) funds a great many projects related to sustainable development. The next generation is being prepared to live in a new controlled society, where people are discouraged from reaching their personal best. All this is being done with the help of our tax money.”

Finally, I will say that Mayor Connie Moran is either uninformed or disingenuous when she states,

“The idea we are promoting these things because the UN said to is laughable.”

No, Ms. Moran, it is not laughable; it is quite serious.  And, I hope that in the next election, the voters in Ocean Springs will remember Ms. Moran’s strong support for the very recommendations of Agenda 21, as well as her derisive attitude toward those of us who understand and are alarmed by it, and then I hope the residents of Ocean Springs will vote accordingly.

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  • Walt Heyer

    Brilliant, accurate and a well researched response Ms. Moran regarding Agenda 21, good job Gina.

    • WXRGina

      Thank you, Walt!

      I submitted this piece to our local newspaper, and they want me to cut it to 300 words or less. It would be pretty much impossible to summarize Agenda 21 in such a short amount of words. I told them I would try to edit/revise and resubmit, but I don’t know how thorough I could be without being able to explain as much as I did in this column-which still left out lots of specifics.

      • JohnAngel915

        If you do whittle it down to 300 words or less, tying the EVIL U/N to the man made global warming believers, NWO (one world Gov’t), redistribution of wealth (Communism), to loss of America’s Sovereignty. Int’l Unions (more Communism), and how it will Nullify our “already diluted” U/S Constitution. The cookie cutter OWS crowd are the same the world over. They want “something for nothing” & are willing to believe that just ‘being born’ entitles them to be taken care of. Good luck with the re-write, Gina.

        • WXRGina

          John, I submitted the edited/revised version to the paper yesterday afternoon. We’ll see if the’re willing to publish it. I got it down to a VERY concise size (less than half its original word count) by using a gas-powered chain saw. :-)

          I still retained the essence of the information and even added a few more points. It’s okay, but more information could always be presented on this subject.

  • JohnAngel915

    Mind blowing to me is, the Fascist Greenie Weenie’s harp & shriek “Swave tha Pwanet!” from Hydro-carbon energy (aka, ‘natural’ resources) all the while totally ignoring what is likely the largest, most ominous “man made disaster” in human history, the Fukishima meltdown. Japan’s nuclear disaster from more than a year ago is still spewing huge amounts of poisonous radiation, not only into the Pacific ocean, but into the air as well. As I understand it, there are still “Fresh fuel Rods” (full potency) that haven’t melted down yet, but are on the verge of making a horrible event, even worse. This is truly a global disaster, and there should be a global reactionary task force to deal with it, but there isn’t. Instead, the Enviro-Fascists are shutting down coal fired electrical plants in America, while China builds 1-2 of them per week, harping about CO2 emmissions, (which NO plant life could/would exist w/o), as if it’s a poison, because the impostor’s EPA Commie-Czar “said so”. Why is Algor’s “kwimate chwange” crowd so silent, so ignorant, about the real threat to Mother Earth, and to all mankind? Only in the TwiLiGhT ZoNe could this be happening.

    • WXRGina

      Excellent points, John!

  • Jeff Coggins

    Mrs Moran. This is the same lady that held up the rebuilding of the Ocean Springs bridge after Katrina, because she wanted to be sure it was aesthetically pleasing, Or was it (How about a cheaper bridge and give us the rest in cash so we can use the money for something else.) Did she say, “Who’s going to use a walking path anyway?”. Then she complained that the holdup of the bridge was hurting the economy in Ocean Springs. Well duh. One letter off in her name.

    • WXRGina

      “One letter off in her name.” Funny, Jeff!

      I remember all that ordeal about the Biloxi-Ocean Springs Bridge. I guess she got her way, though.

      • Jeffrey Coggins

        I’m just saying. If the U.S. Government for what ever reason in heaven, offers to GIVE, I mean GIVE you a bridge, without a five year environmental impact study, or some other lengthy red tap issue, and no mention of repayment. You Takes It Stupid and run like the wind, and be glad for such a miracle. You don’t don’t sit there and try and haggle for cash like some kind of street hustler, while two thirds of your population is forced to drive the long way around with gas at 4$ a gallon. She did not get her way. She got exactly what they offered and no more no less. And after all this time none of us think about or care one iota about how pretty the bridge is. I only appreciate getting across it without a broken down car blocking one lane, or loosing my lunch bouncing across those mismatched block that once made up the bridge. We all suffered while she showed her ignorance in a crises. Its no surprise that her ignorance has reared it’s head again. It is a surprise to me however that she is still mayor. Who’s in charge of the meds over there anyway. I’m sure that her knowledge and understanding of agenda 21 extends only to the conversations that she may have at the hairdresser just before the ADD kicks in and it’s all about who was wearing what where, or some other self righteous, shallow minded interest.

  • WXRGina

    By the way, I just found out this morning that Henry Lamb passed away last Wednesday. I did not know that when writing this column.

    This is a devastating loss for the cause of freedom in America. Mr. Lamb was a precious warrior for our side who did so much to educate and inform the public on the dangers of the UN’s global governance schemes. He fought against it with the strength of ten men.
    Rest in peace, Mr. Lamb.

  • jainphx

    Very well done as usual Gina

  • jainphx

    Say Gina whose that good looking guy in the picture with you

    • WXRGina

      Thanks, JA!

      That handsome fellow is my husband, Keith. He’s a super-swell guy. He has been on Scooter’s before, but it’s been a long time. I show him the funny stuff on there, though.

  • http://www.facebook.com/JenniferWestMISSISSIPPI Jennifer West

    Absolutely wonderful letter, Gina. You have tackled a complex subject in a very understandable and well thought out expose that first timers should be able to wrap their head around. Great job! I will post this in the Mississippi Tea Party’s website to fight Agenda 21, http://www.StopAgenda21inMS.com. Bravo!

    • WXRGina

      Thanks, Jennifer! I guess I finally got those couple of pages written that you mentioned a while back. :-)

  • http://www.facebook.com/the.aaron.barksdale Aaron Barksdale

    Gina, thank you so much for your support and your comments. While I have tried to give Mrs. Moran the benefit of the doubt, all of the evidence that I have uncovered (more than just what I posted in my original blog post (at youngangryconservative.com) is too overwhelming to consider that she has no knowledge of what the end game for her “urbanization” plans are designed to do to Ocean Springs.

    • WXRGina

      Aaron, what I neglected to mention in the piece is that your original letter to the editor of the Sun Herald was spot-on! I about came undone when I read Connie Moran’s rebuttal, because it was pure, lying, “elitist” snobbery!

      I do not believe she is uninformed, either. Since I had written this for submission to the Sun Herald, I tried to keep it “even-tempered,” since I tend to be fiery sometimes. This submission was too long for them, so I sent in a very edited version. Don’t know if they will publish that, either.

      Maybe Ms. Moran will see this piece one way or another (not that it will change her head, though).

      • http://www.facebook.com/the.aaron.barksdale Aaron Barksdale

        I am extremely thankful that I have you (and many others, like Jennifer West on my side.) I am working diligently and would like to discuss a project that I’m working on…and I must say, I miss hearing you in the mornings…take care and you can e-mail me through my website above.

        • WXRGina

          Okay, Aaron, I’ll email you and see what’s happening!

          I believe the South MS Tea Party still has a petition they’re collecting signatures for, protesting my being “censored” from the radio. I thought that was a really nice thing for them to do. I don’t think they have submitted it to the station yet.

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