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Public is Clueless About Obama-Thanks to the Media

May 19, 2012   ·   By   ·   4 Comments

Have you ever wondered why I and many other conservatives call Barack Obama a Marxist?

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that he admits to hanging out with Marxists during his college days, and to attending socialist conferences? Of course, anyone can change (there are a lot of things I’ve done that I’m ashamed of…but I’ve since rejected and repudiated them), but when Obama’s rhetoric and policies continue to reflect a Marxist and socialist flavor, it isn’t hard to figure out.

This video from Sean Hannity and Daily Caller reporter Michelle Fields points out yet another dereliction of duty on the part of the Obama Administration’s Ministry of Public Enlightenment (aka the “mainstream” media).

While it’s early on, we’ve already been told about Mitt Romney putting a dog in a kennel on top of his car, and about him pulling a stupid prank on another kid in high school.

Meanwhile, four years later…most Americans still have not heard about Obama’s hanging out with Marxists, attending socialist conferences, using drugs and abusing other substances.

Any bets that most people also haven’t heard about his paling around with an unrepentant domestic terrorist whose group bombed the Pentagon, US Capitol and several other buildings?   Or about his associations with members of foreign terrorist organizations? Or of his contempt for America’s energy supply and his desire to raise costs for everyone? Or his disgust with the U.S. Constitution? Or his disdain for white folks?

Given the way the “mainstream” media has proven itself to be shamelessly in the tank for Obama,  it’s no wonder so many voters are zombies who mindlessly support Obama.

Have you ever wondered why I have some complete and utter contempt for the “mainstream” media-an organization that ostensibly exists to inform the American people about current events and their government?

Now you know.

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  • Carrie_K_Hutchens

    I thought the media was in love with Hillary & Bill Clinton pre-election, but this just shows that not to be true. The question is …

    How did Obama slip by with all this hidden?

    Bob, you have the answer of how…

    Ministry of Public Enlightenment (aka the “mainstream” media)

    I wonder “why” and “who” had the ability to influence so many media outlets.

    • http://www.americanclarion.com/ Bob Ellis

      Lots of people like to cook up conspiracy theories, but I don’t think it’s anything more complicated than the fact that Leftists have spent nearly a century infiltrating academia to the point where people’s heads get filled with this mush in college. With journalism being a pseudo-academic profession (their job is to “educate” the public about current events and issues), they fancy themselves smarter than the average bear, and so naturally gravitate to the idiocy and elitism of liberalism. No conspiracy involved-just a common elitist attitude and love for Marxism.

      • Carrie_K_Hutchens

        And the Clintons no longer qualified for their adoration for whatever reason. Guess they (Clintons) should have entertained more professors.

  • TaterSalad

    “I will be a One Term President if I do not fix this economy within 3 years”! We can not agree more Mr. President. Either you can resign or not run again because if you do, you will be defeated. Move over Jimmy Carter, we have found your replacement for the worst of the worst Presidents and it is ………….YOU!


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