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Rep. West Outs the Communists in American Government

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Obama's Marxist family tree
Obama’s Marxist family tree

Rep. Allen West (R-FL) is not afraid to go for the truth head-on, and the consequences brought on by lesser people be damned.  He led this way as a lieutenant colonel in the Army in Afghanistan, and he leads this way as a freshman in the U.S. House of Representatives (if only the rest would get with the program and follow his lead).

Recently, west has (again) drawn the wrath of the Left by talking openly about the Marxists within the U.S. government. The Obama Administration’s Ministry of Public Enlightenment (aka the “mainstream” media) has (predictably) responded with mock outrage and derision, yet the proof is in the pudding. One need only look at the planks of the communist platform, read some Marx and Engels and pretty soon it’s apparent that the dark agenda of Marx is the same one being advanced by many Democrats in congress. In addition to the agenda matching, you can also see that the hypocritical double-speak propaganda attacks are exactly the kind of tripe we’ve seen from Marxists for the last century.  If it walk like a duck, if it quacks like a duck…you can figure it out.

But congress isn’t the only branch within our government filled with Marxists.

As Glenn Beck points out in the video from GBTV below, there is no doubt Barack Obama is a Marxist.  His rhetoric proves it, as do his actions before and after ascending to the presidency.  As Beck says, given the radicals who surrounded him in his youth, it would have been hard for him to grow up and NOT be a Marxist.

In his own words, some of Obama's college friends
In his own words, some of Obama’s college friends

No one wants to believe our country-let alone our government-has been infested with anti-American Marxists.  Conspiracy theories and kook scenarios have never played well among the general population…and the Left knows this.  That’s why, since the days of Alger Hiss and his fellow communists who have been infesting our government, the Left has pooh-poohed talk of Marxists at the reins of our government…even though we’ve known for a long time that it is absolutely true. As fantastic as this is, the Obama Administration’s Ministry of Public Enlightenment (aka the “mainstream” media) and other Leftists have made use of this fantastic nature to provide cover for these corrosive elements in our country.

America desperately needs to wake up and face the truth-as incredible as it is-while we still have something left of the land of the free and the home of the brave. This conflict doesn’t involve guns (thankfully), but we are clearly at war for the substance and soul of our country, so the sooner we cowboy up and take off the kid gloves, the better. It will take a miracle to slow down our descent into the morass of Marxism already permeating our culture, and probably generations to clear the minds of young people corrupted by Leftist academia.

We need 500 more like Rep. West. There are a few other good ones already there. The rest…either they have already proved that they’re playing for the opposing team, or they’ve proven that they aren’t serious about winning American-style.  If they aren’t playing to score for America (i.e. upholding the Constitution, protecting the God-given liberties of the American people, and willing to go to the mat to do it) , then they need to go.  With the pathetic choice it looks like we’re going to have for president this year (thanks to the big-spending RINOs), we’re going to need a strong, pro-America congress like never before. Let’s get busy recruiting, supporting and electing such people, folks!

As daunting as the task of saving our country is, we must start-and we must start immediately. The only alternative is to, as Lincoln put it, “…meanly lose, the last best hope of earth.”  I don’t know about you, but as much as it is within my power, I will not allow that.


Rep. West on Communism Comments

Rep. West on the Cultural Suicide of the Left

Communist Influence on Barack Obama

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  • Jdelaney3

    FINALLY, a fearless leader of integrity, virtue and honor. I’ve researched the backgrounds of 80+ Representatives, many of whom are-openly-members of the Democratic Socialists of America which is nothing more than an offshoot of the Communist Party USA. We are under seige from within and Rep. West’s sounding the alarm is long time in coming.

  • retiredday

    Rep. West indeed exemplifies the kind of leadership we need.  Can you imagine a politician challenging journalists to do research?  It’s as if they would have to examine the actual facts of their stories, instead of spouting out propaganda, like they do now.  Thank God we haven’t completely abandoned reality.

  • Plt Sergeant Che

    Colonel West, congressman Florida, is an American hero.
    His determination to serve America and reveal communist’s
    in our government mark him as the polar opposite of halfreekun
    communist Ba’rack Hussein Obama of the hijacked dem party.

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