Who’s Really Throwing Grandma Off a Cliff?

March 20, 2012   ·   By   ·   1 Comments

This video is a great response to the lying, fear-mongering video that came out last year claiming Republicans wanted to throw grandma off a cliff-put out by the party that cut half a trillion dollars from Medicare to pay for their ObamaCare scheme.

The video is from American Doctors 4 Truth, and it is incredibly more reflective of the facts than the Leftist propaganda put out by the Democrats.

In fact, as we see the figure in the presidential jacket push grandma to the edge of the cliff, we hear President Barack Obama’s own words spoken by his own actual mouth, talking about how we may have to just give old people a pain pill and let them die.

For those of you who have romanticized ideas about what socialized health care really means, that’s what it comes to: bureaucrats deciding who gets what, because there simply isn’t enough money (without 100% destroying the economy completely) to pay for everything for everyone.

Yeah, those Death Panels the Left pooh-poohed during their push to pass ObamaCare? They’re a way of life under socialism.

You don’t like the decisions your insurance company makes?  Think of how much you’ll like it when such decisions are made by government bureaucrats in Washington D.C. who are insulated from market forces by layer upon layer of 3,000-page laws and even thicker stacks of regulations.

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  • Carrie K. Hutchens

    I love this ad!  I hope it goes viral and people finally get their heads out of the sand.  There ARE “Death Panels” no matter what Obama & Pals & little Libs tell us.  Today it is a stranger being executed by starvation & dehydration.  Tomorrow it may be our loved one.

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