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The Nightmare: Sara Harvey’s Desperate Fight to Save Gary

March 19, 2012   ·   By   ·   3 Comments

The darkness descended swiftly and without warning, suffocating and choking out any hint of light in the path before or behind me. I touched the wall, as the freezing cold embraced and held me tight to its cruel breast. A gasp may have slipped from my lips, but I could no longer hear as the forced silence pounded against my reason, draining and feeding upon the strength I once held in tender care.

Fighting to take a breath, the smell of death and decay rose to slither and weave into a cloak of panic — the desperation devouring and merciless, as laughter abruptly pierced the blanket of blackness engulfing and suppressing all that was and all that might have been. I begged to scream. I begged to flee. I begged for mercy, but there was none for neither him nor me.

Then morning broke through the nightmare, but the pounding of my heart did not immediately ease. It was a nightmare that Sara Harvey, and those such as she, must endure on a daily basis. A nightmare of facing cold, dark decisions forced upon them. A nightmare that destroys every hope that might have been, or happens to briefly visit. in their journey of fighting the abuse in behalf of a loved one sucked into the poison of a broken system. A system that was meant to assist, but instead has come to hideously feast upon its unsuspecting prey.

Where was Sara’s attorney the day she appeared for the guardianship hearing? Might it not be important to know the attorney was absent because he bailed at the last minute, leaving her standing alone and vulnerable in a courtroom full of those who knew the playground rules and how to beat opponents far more experienced than any lay person, who’d never played the game before? I would think that was, and remains, an important piece of information. Yet, it seems we are to be impressed because she lost in a setting that set her up to lose.

The loss of guardianship is often used as a weapon against Sara Harvey, as though it is some badge of valor for the system personnel and a disgrace for her. It’s neither. It is a half-truth told to make an impression of something that is not.

It has been stated that Sara took Gary out of the hospital. She did. However, it is another half-truth presented to give an impression not true. A half-truth to give the impression that she did something forbidden. Not so. She had permission to take him out on the grounds. If that permission was rescinded — no one bothered to tell her.

Sara supposedly went against medical advice. It was suggested she tried to feed Gary Jell-O. Suggested. She denies it. Still it lingers as an argument against her as though it actually happened in spite of something very important — where is the evidence that this actually occurred? Where did the Jell-O go, if true? Either Gary swallowed it, which they (the system) say is impossible, or it simply vanished into thin air. Amazing how that part of the story is forgotten when repeated and repeated and repeated to make Sara look bad.

In still another incident, Sara complained about a defective fish line on Gary’s trachea. Her concern went ignored for a matter of weeks. Finally, she told the nurse she was going to cut it. The nurse shrugged. Sara cut the line in her presence. Hours, not moments or minutes, later, the trachea was replaced. However, the facts are shadowed with suggestions not true.

Gary is not on a ventilator or respirator, so she did not cut his “breathing tube”, as has been eluded to.

(The trachea is to prevent anything from entering Gary’s lungs. The defective fish line was related to that prevention and not doing its job properly. That was a danger — not Sara’s actions. And, though even Sara wouldn’t recommend taking matters into one’s own hands, such as she did, it did get the medical personnel to finally do what they should have done at the onset — replace the defective equipment.)

I suppose if the other side keeps saying things over and over, it will somehow become the truth, whether it is the whole truth or not, after all — there is a little truth in there. I suppose they think that counts for a gold star and pat on the back. However, half-truths are as much a lie as an outright lie. The “intent” is the same — to cause an impression and belief not true. It shouldn’t be allowed, especially in a courtroom and involving the lives of innocent people, who went to court thinking they were merely obtaining certification of authority to speak and act in behalf of their loved one but otherwise didn’t ask to be under the rule of the court and the system it (the court) often so readily anoints.

Sara has been effectively silenced in the decisions for her husband as she stands against a system alone. A system that necessitates an attorney to balance out the teams and playing field, but doesn’t so readily afford her the means to obtain one. Interesting that the other side is doing what they do for a living and being paid to do it. But what about her? What about Sara? Where’s the attorney that will step up to the plate and fight for her and Gary? Where is the attorney or government official or even investigator that will break the silence and light up the path with a chance to right this wrong?

It has been suggested that Gary has suffered abuse at the hands of Sara. Suggested. Eluded to. But where are the facts to support this allegation of her being an abuser? Accusations are cheap and can be blurted out by anyone at anytime, but where is the proof?

Oh, that’s right…

Sara took Gary outside, which was something she frequently did with permission. Suddenly, she was putting Gary in harm’s way?

She allegedly fed Gary Jell-O, which was used as an accusation to suggest she was going against medical advice. Again, I ask — where did this Jell-O disappear to, if we are to believe this event ever took place? (Either Gary swallowed it or it didn’t happen.)

There it is. Abuse that has kept Gary in the hands of a system that deemed him terminal and in need of being starved and dehydrated to death. A system that placed a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) on him, and these people are worried about Sara taking Gary outside or even feeding him Jell-O? Unbelievable.

Can we truly, and in good conscience, believe that the people in charge of Gary really have his best interest at heart (when he isn’t even allowed a second opinion) or is it the money they are making off him that fills their hearts with delight? Maybe it is even the ecstasy of control and playing God that fills the void where their conscience should be. Whatever it is, they are readily profiting from the situation and questionable care decisions, while Sara and Gary pay for these decisions of a system gone wrong.

Sara has reached out to government officials and others, seeking their assistance to little avail. There is always some reason they can’t, or the effort is so minimal it would be laughable, if not for being so sad and tragic.

Where are the investigators and prosecutors that would readily pursue an investigation into this matter, if Sara was the one accused of guardian abuse and neglect of her ward, rather than the present guardians and their attorney pals?

Where are the people with integrity that will not accept the half-truths that paint a pathetic picture of deceit? Where are these government officials that truly represent the people — all the people — even the people imprisoned by a broken system such as Gary?

Where are the people and authorities that should be asking why Gary is kept in isolation with visitation so restricted?

Sara has been treated in a fashion that should bring a public shame award to the attorneys, guardian personnel and courts involved in this case. Perhaps one day, their actions shall become well-known and the smug smiles will be wiped from their lips, as they face accountability for their inappropriate and inhumane behavior.

Sara’s voice might have been effectively silenced as she stands in the hallway of dark despair with no light to shine the way or give her hope of saving the man she so desperately loves. Might have been, but is not. For, I , too, shall give her voice and tell the story, until she wakes from the hideous nightmare of injustice that has ripped her husband from her care and left her the outcast to be mocked and taunted. Yes, she shall have a voice, until she is heard. She shall be silenced in the cold, dark nightmare of helpless isolation no more!

* * *

(Footnote: Tragically, Gary Harvey of Horsehead, NY fell down the basement stairs in January of 2006 and received a traumatic head injury. Since that time, he has either been in a nursing home or in the hospital and is under the guardianship of the county. Ironically, the county, who claims to be looking out for their ward’s best interest, was involved in a so-called ethics committee decision that Gary Harvey should be starved and dehydrated to death. The judge over-ruled the call for execution of an innocent man, though a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) remains in effect. Sara Harvey, Gary’s wife, is desperately fighting to get him home.)

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Carrie Hutchens is a former law enforcement officer and a freelance writer who is active in fighting against the death culture movement and the injustices within the judicial and law enforcement systems.
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  • StopGuardianAbuse

    The Harvey case is well known to NASGA members. 

    It is a terrible disgrace.

    Why are school children still being taught that America has a wonderful justice system? 

    It’s a lie!

  • Elaine

    Carrie, you described what guardianship has become perfectly:  “A system that was meant to assist, but instead has come to hideously feast upon its unsuspecting prey.”Gary Harvey suffers at the hands of those appointed by the court to protect him. He is helpless and he can’t fight back. The court has rendered his wife helpless too. Who then stands up for Gary Harvey when the system and everyone who should help him has let him down?

  • Sara

    This is exactly how some of system works. Not all are bad. It is just the greed and the ones who thrive for the hunger of power perhaps because they have none at home. Some are bully’s and some just plain do not care. Let it be their loved one who is isolated, and tortured away from the people who care and love you and see how they like it. Rather than find the source of discomfort, lets cement a mouth guard to their teeth to silence the cries and see how it feels day in and day out.  I can not do a darn thing about it.

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