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Sandra Fluke: Liberal Feminist Agitator

March 4, 2012   ·   By   ·   12 Comments

We have been led to believe by the “mainstream” media and other Leftist liars that Sandra Fluke, the woman who went to congress to testify that having enough sex to need $1,000 a year in contraception is a burden no woman should have to pay for on her own, is just a poor little victim of that evil Rush Limbaugh meanie who wondered on his show if a woman who has that much sex could aptly be referred to as a “slut.”

As with most of the garbage the “mainstream” media dumps on us and expects us to believe, it seems that is the usual total bunk.

Oh, we already knew it was bunk, but it is only now becoming clear just how pure a cut of bunk this whole thing was.  We knew it was bunk for a woman to testify publicly that she and other women (married and unmarried) are having enough sex to need $1,000 a year worth of contraception, and then to be outraged when an unmarried woman having that much sex might be thought of as a “loose woman.” We knew it was bunk for a woman to go to congress and demand that a religious institution pay for her contraceptives despite the fact that this religious institution has moral objections to these goods and services. We knew it was bunk for a woman to go to congress and demand that a religious institution pay for her contraceptives when any reasonable person would have known before affiliating herself with this organization that this organization objected to providing such goods and services.

What has just come to light this weekend, though, is that it seems Sandra Fluke is a professional feminist activist, an agitator, as The Blaze aptly described her, who deliberately enrolled at Georgetown University with the intent of causing trouble for the university. With the advent of ObamaCare and its freedom-robbing mandates, she saw a wonderful opportunity to throw the weight of her activism behind this tyranny and stump in favor of forcing a religious institution to violate its religious convictions.

This woman is no victim.  She is a feminist agent who seeks to force others to bend to her will and to her low level of moral decadence. She is contemptuous of the moral fabric of our society, contemptuous of the U.S. Constitution, and contemptuous of the religious convictions of others. She seeks to leverage the power of government force to compel others to give her things she has not earned, in violation of the convictions of her victims.  Someone who demonstrates such hostility and venom for the rights and freedoms of others is a contemptible person She, not Rush Limbaugh, is the individual who should be held in utter disdain by our leaders, the media, and society in general…were there much of a moral fiber left in our society.

Yesterday, after several weak-minded and weak-kneed advertisers abandoned sponsorship of the Rush Limbaugh radio program, Limbaugh issued an apology of sorts to the self-admittedly promiscuous Sandra Fluke. To be certain, it was nowhere near a complete mea culpa…but it is all the Left needs to utterly ignore the truth and the larger lessons that are being desperately buried in this issue.

I would not have used the word “slut” to describe a young woman who was brazen enough to go to congress to testify and demand that someone else pay for her contraceptives because she was having so much sex and was so unable to restrain her sexual desires that she needed $1,000 a year in contraception.  Many equally applicable words come to mind for someone who would lay out their personal sexual appetites so boldly in public, but “slut” probably wouldn’t be a word I would choose in a public forum.

Nevertheless, the faux outrage (for a word many people on the Left use with regularity, and actually pales in comparison with many of the words the Left routinely uses with far less apt applicability toward their political enemies) over Limbaugh’s use of the word “slut” to describe a woman who publicly tells us that she is having enough sex to warrant $1,000 a year in contraception is overblown by at least 90-95% more than is warranted.

We should not forget that while Limbaugh’s description of Sandra Fluke’s publicly admitted behavior was somewhat crude, there is no doubt that everyone (Left and Right alike) recognized instantly that the term is one often and aptly used to describe promiscuity.  Meanwhile, we are apparently supposed to be completely okay with and enthusiastically supportive when a liberal calls a female politician the most vulgar word most people can think of-with no connection whatsoever between that word and the female politician’s behavior.  We (and apparently some of Rush Limbaugh’s advertisers) are also supposed laud and support liberals who use the exact same word Limbaugh used against a conservative woman-again with no connection whatsoever between the word and the behavior. The hypocrisy would be truly unbelievable, did we not already live in a world infested with a politically correct liberal war on reality.

Should Limbaugh have used slightly more decorum to describe a woman who publicly admits to having great amounts of sex that she wants others to pay for?  Probably so.  But the hysteria from the Left over this is beyond ludicrous.

In fact, it is so far over the top (as well as so out of character for a political phalanx that lives in the gutter), that it is abundantly clear that there is no real component of moral outrage over a lack of courtesy or decorum. No, it is, as Limbaugh pointed out earlier in the week, nothing but a convenient vehicle to employ on mindless and unprincipled members of the public to enlist their support in silencing one of their greatest critics.  Put simply, it is a convenient vehicle to shut Limbaugh up. The Left longs for the days when their propaganda empire (ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, NPR, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Newsweek, Time, et al) had a lock on the flow of information, and it galls them beyond measure to have to put up with the few voices of truth that exist even today which reveal the darkness of their agenda. They will stop and nothing to silence dissent.

If Limbaugh were going to apologize for using a crass word to describe Sandra Fluke’s self-admitted promiscuous behavior, he should have at least waited until she apologized for subjecting our nation to a public discussion of her sexual activities and those of her fellow Georgetown law students.  In addition to waiting for that apology from Sandra Fluke, he should have also waited for her much-needed apology for showing such complete contempt for the religious freedom of others. Yes, I know her apologies for her wrongs are not likely to come any time soon, but they are far more called for than one for Limbaugh’s description of self-admitted promiscuous behavior.

I’m hoping that on Monday I’ll find out that Limbaugh had some sort of angle on this apology thing, that he did it to prove a larger point that may be yet be revealed.  I understand that everyone needs to make a living, and that the Left is plenty vicious enough to go after a person’s livelihood purely for having the audacity to point out their moral bankruptcy…but there are larger principles at stake here that I had been proud to see Limbaugh stand solidly for earlier in the week.

Further, allowing the Left to win a victory over truth like this only emboldens them more. It is like blood in the water for a shark. It is like weakness and appeasement before Islamic terrorists. It demonstrates to the amoral Left that if they just throw enough faux outrage at their enemies, they will fold and lies will win the day.

If our society allows a Leftist agitator and her cohorts to brazenly demand that religious freedom be trampled under the boot of government power in order to deliver her from the consequences of her own sexual promiscuity, then there is little hope for America to last much longer as a civilization.

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  • thisoldspouse

    That’s exactly what I want to ask those on the Left:  does the word “slut” have any meaning at all?  If it did once have any meaning, what was it?

    But what answer can you expect from a group of degenerates who now call whores  “sex workers?”

  • Bob Ellis

    Yes, the friend who supposedly needed the pill for a medical ailment was a convenient vehicle to garner sympathy from people who weren’t stupid enough to cry for her over her lack of sex.

    That’s what Leftist do: try to find a sympathetic exception to justify manufacturing a new rule.

    Even if this woman and her situation are real, you can get the pill from several sources almost as cheaply as you can eat at a fast-food restaurant, so once again we see that this is a pure load of crap designed to justify trampling on the religious freedom of others.

    It is you radical Leftists who are driving our nation off a cliff. The Christian worldview that you so despise is responsible for the greatest, most free nation on earth, as well as all the blessings you enjoy here…yet you are intent on destroying it all.

    Sorry, we’re not going to let you.

    • Maggy657

      Like you are stoping marriage equality? FAIL. Like you are stoping Planned Parrenthood? FAIL. You are not going to ACORN us any longer, it’s war and you will not wreck our free country with your rotten morals, and lies. We’re not going to let you.

      • Bob Ellis

        Get a grip, Leftist. Marriage equality already exists, and has so for a very long time, and we aren’t going to stand for marriage being counterfeited either (the vast majority of states have constitutional amendments prohibiting counterfeit marriage, and still more have DOMAs). Planned Parenthood is on the run, desperately clinging to its blood money across the country as more and more people wake up to their slaughter. ACORN has had to go underground after their immoral anti-American agenda was exposed.

        You’re right about one thing, though: is IS war, and we’re not going to let you Leftists destroy the greatest country this planet has ever seen. Deal with it.

        • thisoldspouse

           Wow, Maggy is delusional.  Where does she get her made up “facts?”  Probably from all the glue she’s sniffed all her life.

      • thisoldspouse

        Two states are going to fortify their marriage laws with constitutional amendments this year; three others are likely going to reverse the marriage counterfeiting foisted on them by rogue legislatures, and one will reaffirm its vote for real marriage as it did just a couple of years ago.  Activist court decisions finding something never before found in the Constitution are working their way up to the U.S. Supreme Court which will overturn the most overturned Marxist court this country has ever seen.

        Now what was it you were fantasizing about?

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