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Can the Communist Democrats Be Stopped?

November 26, 2013   ·   By   ·   19 Comments

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Obama_MarxismAt this point, only the most disengaged and uninformed among us cannot see that America has been taken over by communists.  You can call them socialists or Marxists if you like, but the bottom line is still the same:  authoritarian, centralized government control of our nation.  This is the culmination of at least a hundred years of steady, subversive communist infiltration of our federal, state and local governments and all our major institutions by those who embrace this evil, tyrannical ideology.

There is no reaching across the aisle to work with these people unless you want to draw back a bloody nub.  There can be no compromise with anti-Americanism.  There can be no dialogue with those who oppose all that America stands for, all its unparalleled freedoms and opportunity for everyone.  This is a battle for the heart and soul and the very existence of the United States as it was founded, and although we will never quit fighting, we’re losing this battle to the lawless reprobates who are running our country.

While we should not be surprised at any malfeasance that comes from Barack Obama (or whatever his name is) and his fellow travelers in Congress, the courts, his administration and federal bureaucracies, last week’s despicable move by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid still left the nation stunned (those who are paying attention anyway).  For him to strip the minority of its ability to thwart Obama’s rogues’ gallery of leftist radical nominees is one of the last nails in the coffin of our freedom.  Don’t doubt it for a minute.  Reid’s killing of the filibuster is a very big deal.

Some on the Right are saying that the Democrats will one day regret this decision, but why would they regret it if their power is fully cemented in the process?  We now can’t stop most of Obama’s awful nominees, unless it’s at the committee level (good luck with that).  Obama will stack and pack the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals (and other courts throughout the nation) with his Marxist buddies, and then how will we stop the march of his “green” communist machine, the hellish Obamacare and unaccountable federal bureaucracies controlled by his fellow commies?  How will we stop the out-of-control Environmental Protection Agency from killing our coal industry and crushing energy companies with insane regulations in fulfilling Obama’s desire to make electricity unaffordable?  How will we stop the Department of the Interior from making further U.S. land grabs and stop it, and other federal agencies, from enacting more and more onerous, outrageous land use regulations?  The global warming hoaxsters now have a major upper hand.

You might say that we can stop them at the ballot box in 2014 and 2016.  Yes, I would hope so.  Yet, we see the criminal Obama “Justice” Department, under the racist Eric Holder, doing all it can to stop the states from working to have honest elections.  Democrat election and voter fraud, plus ignorant people voting, are what gets communists elected.  We know this.  The Left is always screeching that “there’s no election fraud!”  They say this, and yet they work their tails off to keep dead people voting.  No, I believe our elections are quite compromised at this point, and I’m certain that’s how Obama “won” a second term.

As I have written before, I believe that only a miracle of mercy, a reprieve from judgment on our nation by God can put a stop to the Obama communist machine’s destruction of America as founded.  While this in no way means we should ever give up fighting against them, we can see that we are up against powerful, evil forces.  Those of us who are Christians know that the forces we battle go beyond our human political enemies.  There are spiritual forces, Satan and his demonic hordes, at the root of the fight.  The corruption and immorality that infects our power structure has its source in Hell, and with only a few blessed and shining exceptions, this will be the case until Jesus returns to set things right.

So, can the communist Democrats be stopped?  I don’t know, but it is certain that we must work harder than ever to elect people of high moral fiber to Congress in 2014, people who are not afraid to stand up to Obama, even to the point of working to impeach him and the other criminals in his administration.  Harry Reid’s unilateral, unconscionable killing of the filibuster signals a very dark turn in the growing dictatorship we have under Obama.  It is imperative that we pray for our nation, for God’s mercy on it, and that we double down on working to elect an impeachment Congress in 2014, because these enemies of America must somehow be stopped.

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  • dan

    Yes, It’s a very sad state that the RDBs and their fellow travelers have brought this nation to. The ghosts of the old CPUSA are residing in the Oval Office as we speak.

    • WXRGina

      Or, as Michael Savage calls them: Red Diaper Doper Babies.

      • dan

        Yes, I forgot to mention that Obama, by his own admission, was a dope smoking, coke snorting rabble-rouser in his early college days. (reference: Dreams of my Father)

  • David

    Gina, raw real reality and sobering truth! Thank you!


    • WXRGina

      Thanks very much, David!

  • Socialism: Organized Evil

    They can be stopped, but it is going to take the waking up and hardening of psyches for many, many more people.

    Folks have to learn to embrace the psychology of conflict and take on those who oppose our Constitution, at every opportunity.

    The great advantage we have is the Constitution and the brains. The disadvantage we have is that we’ve grown a little bit soft and complacent.

    • Bob Ellis

      Well said! Too many of us don’t realize we’re in an all-out war for the soul of America, and all this nonsense about having to be Mr. Nice Guy is just a lie from the Left to emasculate us.

      We don’t have to sink to their deceptive tactics, and we don’t even have to be nasty, but we do need to be clear about what’s going on and we MUST fight to win.

      • Socialism: Organized Evil

        Precisely - this is not a game.

        The enemies of these United States clearly recognize that Americans’ traditional altruism and generosity is a weakness that can be exploited to attack us.

        Every American who wishes to preserve the Constitution of these United States must harden their psyche and embrace the psychology of conflict.

        The Bolshevik hordes bring death and destruction.

        In this video, for example, cultural Bolshevik Dan Savage attacks Christians and conservatives with death wishes:

    • thisoldspouse

      Thank you and many more conservatives for “getting it.” You are right on target. This is not a physical war or even a political war as much as it is a war of the mind and heart.

      A return to the sound reason that is real conservatism will appear, even to most soft, complacent conservatives, extremely radical and even brutal against the milieu of extreme political correctness in which we have been forced to stew for so long. We will have to constantly check ourselves against incessant, insidious accusations of “extremism” from both outside and from within ourselves if healing would begin. That will be hard work from which many will shrink, but it’s the only way. We will have to repudiate the ridiculous language to which we have become accustomed, and speak the bruising, “intolerant” truth as our native tongue, in and out of public, without fear, to wake up those around us, and ourselves, from the sickening malaise that has crept upon us for decades.

      • Socialism: Organized Evil

        The Internet helps dramatically because it breaks down the traditional communications channels that liberals have maintained a stranglehold over.

        The ideology of liberalism isn’t built on much more than mythical history and meaningless terms, and we need to call it out much more aggressively.

        It also helps to embrace a psychology of conflict. Liberals aren’t nice - they callously murder the unborn. If today’s liberals will callously murder the unborn, they will certainly attack the born if provided the power and the opportunity.

        It’s important that we recognize the true nature of our adversaries.

        • thisoldspouse

          Unfortunately, the former Party of conservatism desperately avoids conflict at all costs and wants to play nice with evil. We can no long rely upon this structure to help us. I have come to consider the official Republican Party as now my enemy by virtue of their complicity with the wicked Left.

          • Socialism: Organized Evil

            There are some signs of life within it - Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, etc. The old guard is very disappointing, though.

            I think the old guard has been completely caught off guard by the emergence of a devout marxist like Obama and they are at a loss for understanding and dealing with it.

            McConnell and McCain, in particular, need to go. They’re clueless about the new, mostly marxist, democrat party.

  • Rachel

    I don’t think it can be stopped. Half the country is already indoctrinated and wards of the state. Those who aren’t think of “progressivism” (Communism) as a religion more than just a political ideology. They are zealots. No matter how many times their Messiah is caught in lies, and his policies fail, they will support him and the cause. They are true believers. Every bit as radical and blind as the Islamists.

    • thisoldspouse

      The fight is still worth it, even as the ship sinks. It is ALL about character and integrity, something that the Left abhors, and as long as that remains intact in us, the battle is ultimately won.

      • Rachel

        I have no intention of quitting the fight. But seems the Communist politicians and their civilian wards (voters) have reached critical mass.

        • banger377

          The “Free Stuffers” will win only if the illegals are legalized and we allow the left to get away with voting multiple times. The next election will be the watershed.

          • Rachel

            And our GOP “non-representatives” seem A-OK with legalizing them and turning them into Democrat voters. Is that the definition of insanity or suicide?

  • dan

    This is the answer:

    God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
    The courage
    to change the things I can,
    And wisdom to know the difference.

    And the only way to accomplish it is through discipline. Something that is sorely lacking in our secular and perverse society.

    Our Founders were of pioneering stock. Most of our Presidents have stood on the shoulders of giants like our Founding Fathers. Obama, on the other hand stands on the shoulders of midgets like Wilson and FDR. Unfortunately for us, these people stand on the step ladder of Progressivism, steadied by the useful idiots and victims of the welfare state. Progressive policy requires an unending growth of government, and both political parties have become addicted to big government largess.

    Too many people fail to understand that the Bill of Rights was put in place to protect the individual, and by extension the whole people, from an overreaching Federal Government. These basic unalienable rights are a birthright intrinsic to our species, granted by nature and natures God. They are not granted or rescinded by government; only protected. Thus comes the Constitution, with it’s enumerated powers and limits on the federal government, and it’s intrusion on the sovereignty of
    the individual and the state he chooses to live in.

    That said, the bloated, overreaching, and tyrannical bureaucracy that controls our lives today is the antithesis of what our Founders envisioned. We must work to roll it back at all costs.

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