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Your Voice Needed to Stop ObamaCare

September 19, 2013   ·   By   ·   1 Comments

From my mailbox today:



Yesterday we learned that the House Leadership was going to adopt the strategy to pass a Continuing Resolution that funds the entire government and stops funding for Obamacare. While this is encouraging news, we must not think that this battle is over. Between now and the end of September, we need to do everything to put pressure on the House Republicans to stand strong. The only way we win this battle to stop Obamacare is if they don’t blink.

Over the next several days we will be making calls to action. We need to make as many phone calls as we can. This is how we convinced the House Leadership to get on board with the American people and right now it’s the only way we’re going to have a chance to stop Obamacare!

What you need to know about the rest of this fight:

  1. Get Democrats on board: We need to do what we can this afternoon and tomorrow morning to get as many House Democrats on board with this legislation. There are 35 who voted to delay the Employer mandate and/or the Individual mandate. These Democrats have admitted that Obamacare is not ready - so it should be a no-brainer for them to support this Continuing Resolution. (Find the list below)
  2. Verify then Trust: Right now it appears as though the House Leadership will follow through with this Continuing Resolution. The only problem is we’ve seen House Leadership play games before. Even last week they were trying to play games. We have to do everything we can to make sure that the Republicans in the House stand strong and don’t blink. President Obama said he is not willing to negotiate on the debt ceiling; John Boehner should say the same thing about Obamacare.
  3. Pressure the Senate: Once the House passes the bill, we need to put as much pressure on Harry Reid and the Senate as we possibly can. We’ll have those numbers for you later this week and early next week.
  4. House to Stand Strong: Whatever happens in the Senate, the House needs to stand strong and not negotiate on Obamacare. This fight likely won’t die in the Senate. We need to be prepared to shift pressure back to the House after the Senate takes up the Continuing Resolution.

This afternoon and tomorrow: Call these House Democrats and remind them that through their votes on HR2667 and HR2668 they admitted that Obamacare was not ready for the American people and that they should do the right thing tomorrow and stop the funding for it in the Continuing Resolution.

NAME District Phone
Patrick Murphy FL-18 (202)225-3026
Ami Bera CA-07 (202)225-5716
Ron Barber AZ-02 (202)225-2542
Ann Kirkpatrick AZ-01 (202)225-3361
Jim Matheson UT-04 (202)225-3011
Scott H. Peters CA-52 (202)225-0508
Raul Ruiz CA-36 (202)225-5330
Kyrsten Sinema AZ-09 (202)225-9888
Mike McIntyre NC-07 (202)225-2731
John Barrow GA-12 (202)225-2823
Bradley S. Schneider IL-10 (202)225-4835
Daniel Lipinski IL-03 (202)225-5701
Bill Foster IL-11 (202)225-3515
Tammy Duckworth IL-08 (202)225-3711
Sean Patrick Maloney NY-18 (202)225-5441
Derek Kilmer WA-06 (202)225-5916
Kurt Schrader OR-05 (202)225-5711
Ron Kind WI-03 (202)225-5506
Collin C. Peterson MN-07 (202)225-2165
Bruce L. Braley IA-01 (202)225-2911
William L. Enyart IL-12 (202)225-5661
Nick J. Rahall II WV-03 (202)225-3452
Cheri Bustos IL-17 (202)225-5905
Gerald E. Connolly VA-11 (202)225-1492
John K. Delaney MD-06 (202)225-2721
James A. Himes CT-04 (202)225-5541
William L. Owens NY-21 (202)225-4611
Joe Garcia FL-26 (202)225-2778
Julia Brownley CA-26 (202)225-5811
Gary C. Peters MI-14 (202)225-5802
John C. Carney Jr. DE-00 (202)225-4165
Elizabeth H. Esty CT-05 (202)225-4476
Pete P. Gallego TX-23 (202)225-4511
Daniel B. Maffei NY-24 (202)225-3701
Suzan K. DelBene WA-01 (202)225-6311

In Liberty,
Tea Party Patriots National Support Team

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