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Military Gives Preferential Treatment to Marriage Counterfeiters

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AF_Fm_988As many of us knew would be the case, apparently it isn’t enough that homosexuals be allowed to engage in their sexual behavior openly, as a Democrat congress and president decided they could do a few years ago.

It wasn’t enough to indoctrinate the troops to accept an immoral, unnatural and unhealthy sexual behavior within the close ranks of military culture.

Then it wasn’t enough to allow a soldier to express appreciation for the institution of legitimate marriage.

Then it wasn’t enough to tolerate a soldier’s right to read private material that was not approved by Leftist activists.

Then it wasn’t enough to tolerate a soldier who pointed out a violation of law in order to give favor to homosexuals.

Then it wasn’t enough to tolerate a soldier working in the chaplain’s office to say in her own personal communication that homosexual behavior is a sin.

Then it wasn’t enough to protect marriage at the federal level as is required by constitutionally passed law; a Supreme Court majority of liberals had to force the military-and the taxpayers who fund it-to put a seal of approval on counterfeit marriage.

None of that was nearly enough (but as the observant know, nothing is ever enough for homosexual activists).

Now it seems the bending-over-backwards-for-political-correctness military leadership is extending special benefits to homosexuals in the military. Not only are homosexuals in the military being allowed to counterfeit marriage in defiance of the law, the Department of Defense is extending special “non-chargeable” leave (vacation) of up to 7 days within the US (or 10 days if outside the US) to homosexuals who counterfeit marriage.

Peter Sprigg wrote about this, referencing an AP article, at the FRC blog today.

A report by the Associated Press a few days ago quoted an unnamed Defense Department source as saying that “we are looking at providing extra leave for same-sex couples who want to get married to travel to a state where same-sex marriages are legal.”

This report has now been confirmed with the release of two Pentagon memos (including one from Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel) issued yesterday. The second memo, from Jessica L. Wright, Acting Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness, clarifies some of the details of the newly revised “Leave and Liberty Policy and Procedures.”

The AP report said same-sex couples would be offered “up to 10 days of leave” for a wedding. The actual memo says that Service members assigned within in the Continental United States may be granted up to 7 days of leave. Only those assigned outside the Continental U.S. are eligible for up to 10 days. This special leave is “non-chargeable,” meaning that it will not be charged to the normal leave granted to all Service members.

However, it is also only available to those “assigned to duty stations located more than 100 miles from a U.S. state (or the District of Columbia) that allows same-sex couples to marry.” So, no seven days’ leave just to cross the Potomac from the Pentagon to DC for a wedding.

I got married before I got out of the military, and there was no special non-chargeable leave granted to me for my legitimate marriage, and I understand that has not changed since I got out of the military. And Sprigg’s article indicates this is STILL not extended to the legitimate marriage of a military member.

The homosexual agenda never was about “tolerance” or “equality” (homosexuals are entitled to the same rights and privileges, subject to the same behavioral requirements, as anyone else) or any such nonsense. It has always been about special rights, the “right” to be excused for immoral behavior and even patted on the back for giving the middle finger to morality and normality. Provide special favors for immoral behavior? That’s alright. Discriminate against people who behave morally? That’s alright.

Two diametrically opposed systems of morality can never peacefully coexist. One will necessarily dominate the other. Those of you who have ignored the warnings of conservatives are about to wake up to this harsh reality, and I guarantee you won’t like what will so rudely surprise you.

The value system which produced the greatest nation in history and has remained dominant in it for over 200 years is under relentless attack from every quarter. It is in danger of being replaced by one which has produced breathtaking suffering and oppression everywhere it has been given rein.

He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it. - Martin Luther King Jr, 1958

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