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The Story of Paula Deen: She Once Said the “N” Word

June 27, 2013   ·   By   ·   8 Comments

Image of Paula Deen taken as part of a public relations campaign for the nonprofit group Civitan.(Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Image of Paula Deen taken as part of a public relations campaign for the nonprofit group Civitan.(Source: Wikimedia Commons)

So much for honesty and answering truthfully!  Guess Paula Deen should have taken a page out of the Hillary - Holder - IRS - Government Playbook:

  1. Deny doing
  2. Deny remembering
  3. Deny it mattering
  4. Deny responsibility
  5. Take the 5th

As a person who has been the victim of discrimination, insults and name-calling, I’m not prepared to be sympathetic to those who are so terribly concerned about someone having said the “n” word “years ago”.  You know… those who are so pleased that Paula Deen has been punished for old sins, rather than present behavior.  Those who hope that she will grow from this…  and so approving of her losing her show and anything else she happens to lose… though the sins were, as said, apparently from long ago and only because she “said a word”.

(Apparently, she already grew, but that isn’t good enough.)

Okay!  Let’s review all the African-American comedians that readily use the “n” word to make money.  Are they, too, going to lose their careers?  If not — why not?

What about all the African-American comedians that use insulting terms to describe people that are non-African-American?  Are they going to lose their careers for having done so?  If not — why not?  (They are in the process — not something once said or done.)

Cry me some tears that Paula Deen said the “n” word way back when, but only if you likewise cry the same tears for everyone else who has been called a wrongful name — hurt by it or not.  What’s fair for one is fair for all.  And anyone that has ever used any insulting term about anyone else — ought to likewise lose as much as she — Paula Deen — if that’s the rule.  And if not — Why not?  After all, what actually makes the “n” word so wrongful above all others?  Nothing!

The story of Paula Deen remembered ought not be “only” that she did use the “n” word once upon a time, but rather, that she admitted to it and took responsibility, unlike Hillary - Holder - IRS - the Government et al.  It’s not something that we often see.  I guess now we know why.

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  • SDJammer

    This issue is one of the most overblown efforts by liberals to promote their political correctness agenda that I have ever seen. In my personal opinion, it is beyond ridiculous.

    As I understand it the incident goes back to the 1980′s when a black man robbed a bank Paula Deen was working in. He stuck a gun in her face and threatened to kill her. I understand that liberals are upset that she did not refer to this thug as the ‘nice gentleman”. However, I think most people would have called this guy much worse than the “n” word.

    Typical liberal mentality: The black armed robber gets off without any repercussions, but they go after the poor VICTIM 30 years later because she admitted that she used the “n” word in discussing the incident.

    If you ever hang around with any liberals (which I strongly recommend against), you will hear them using the “F” word in every other sentence. However, they do not find that offensive. What is offensive to them is some poor lady that was almost killed 30 years ago self admitted to using the “n” when describing the incident.

    And how about the trial going on for the person accused of killing St. Travon Martin. The prosecution’s lead witness (a black girl) said that Travon called George Zimmerman a “creepy white cracker”. When asked if she thought that was offensive, she replied no - or course not. Political correctness is a one way street in the world of liberals.

    I am not a Paula Deen fan and hardly know who she is. However, I am personally going to call the corporate offices of every company that drops her and let them know what I feel about their actions. I am also going to do everything I can to spend as little money as I can with these companies. It is time that conservatives begin speaking with their pocketbooks as well as with their voices.

    • Carrie_K_Hutchens

      You said it all so perfectly! Thank you for sharing the “rest of the story”, as to how Paula Deen happened to say the forbidden word. Amazing, isn’t it? Amazing that, as you were saying, she wasn’t given a pass, when the word came as a result of her experience with an armed robber and gun in her face. But, as we all know, comedians can toss the word around for giggles and laughs. Common sense must have been bred out of a portion of our society and the results, it would seem, are apparently “radical liberals”.
      Yes, I think people ought to show support for Paula Deen, especially under the circumstances. And, you are right, it is time to speak with the pocketbooks as well as voicing an opinion. What happened to her is wrong! And, if it can happen to her — what might happen to the rest of us, if we were to be targeted for career and financial extinction?</P.

      As for the Zimmerman trial — indeed it would appear that the young lady indicated the mindset of Trayvon Martin, rather than George Zimmerman. It was he, Trayvon, that responded with a racial comment — not Zimmerman.

      • Bob Ellis

        I had heard that was the case with the Deen controversy, but it was quick and in passing and couldn’t remember if I’d heard right. Thanks, SDJammer, for confirming it.

        Charges of racism are nuclear weapons in our ultra-politically-correct society, and liberals (in both parties) will use the slightest excuse (even manufactured ones) to employ it as a hammer.

        Sad, because there still is some racism out there, but with these idiots screaming “racist!” at the top of their lungs all the time, I’m afraid normal people are going to end up with “boy-who-cried-wolf” syndrome.

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  • Bob Ellis

    Assuming you’re white, Doug, you’re a “cracker,” as Trayvon Martin’s girlfriend Rachel Jeantel said.

    • doug

      Have to wonder where “cracker” came from. I will give the person that decided that was going to be the rebuttal to “the N word” credit though. They picked a word that already exists in the English language, and is freely said by all. Have to wonder if maybe it will take a couple of hundred years of use to become equally offensive, or will it fall by the wayside like “honkey” seems to have.

      • Bob Ellis

        Yes, honkey just didn’t seem to have much longevity beyond the 70s.

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