Supreme Court War on Marriage

NewlywedsThe Supreme Court has struck down Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act, pretending two homosexuals in a semi-committed sexual relationship somehow equates to the unique union of a man and a woman in the commitment of marriage. After Chief Justice John Roberts’ treachery with ObamaCare last year, this sellout really didn’t come as a surprise.

The primary focus of this decision was with regard to the taxpayer-funded benefits–including immigrant benefits–real married couples are afforded by the federal government under law. Now, the taxpayers will be forced to support and subsidize an immoral, unnatural and unhealthy sexual practice that counterfeits the invaluable institution of marriage.

The only silver lining is that the judicial activists on the Supreme Court didn’t have the guts to completely overturn DOMA today, though this decision certainly paves in gold the avenue for that in the future.

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The Supreme Court has also stuck it to the people of California in the Proposition 8 decision overturning the will of the people in favor of the will of homosexual activists and their useful idiots.

It was done on the premise that the people did not have standing to appeal the lower court ruling of judicial activists which sought to overturn the will of the people, because the officials who are sworn to uphold the law in California gave a big middle finger to the people of California, their oaths and the rule of law and refused to defend the lawfully passed will of the people. If “we the people” don’t have standing to defend the law that they themselves passed, who does???

While the Supreme Court claims it is refusing to rule on the matter, by “not ruling” on the matter, they HAVE ruled on the matter–to allow the judicial activism of a lower court to stand recognized as the law of the land (in substitution for the actual duly passed law of the land, which has been struck down). UPDATE: This may not be the case, if Alliance Defending Freedom is right.

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As to the DOMA decision, this is the crazy claim made by the court majority:

It imposes a disability on the class by refusing to acknowledge a status the State finds to be dignified and proper. DOMA instructs all federal officials, and indeed all persons with whom same-sex couples interact, including their own children, that their marriage is less worthy than the marriages of others.

First, the state has NOT found counterfeit marriage to be “dignified and proper.” Indeed, DOMA itself states that counterfeit marriage is NOT dignified or proper.  Kennedy is employing the usual liberal duplicity in putting the cart before the horse, or perhaps more properly, substituting his own opinion for actual law.

marriage illustration

marriage illustration

The simple truth is that a homosexual union is less worthy of official recognition than an actual marriage:

  • An actual marriage brings to the union two bodies–male and female–that were designed to join together in harmony and purpose, as the design and function of the sex organs, as well as the outcome of such a joining, proves; a counterfeit marriage is like trying to join two bolts or two nuts, two hammers or two nails, two bottles or two bottlecaps, all male plumbing parts or all female plumbing parts when you build your bathroom.
  • An actual marriage produces children, the next generation of society; a counterfeit marriage between two homosexuals produces…nothing, only unnatural sex.
  • An actual marriage provides a balanced environment for the children produced by that marriage; a counterfeit marriage produces for any children dragged into it by external means only an imbalanced environment where children are taught by living example that one or the other sex is unnecessary, undesirable, or both.
  • An actual marriage provides a stable environment for the children produced by that marriage; a counterfeit marriage produces for any children dragged into it by external means an unstable environment characterized by greater rates of multiple sex partners, STDs, anal cancer, hepatitis, depression, substance abuse, suicide and domestic violence.
  • If you are a Christian (which more than 80% of Americans say they are) and accept what God has said, an actual marriage is a beautiful picture of Christ’s relationship with his church; a counterfeit marriage is only a distorted picture of God’s gift of human sexuality and marriage being perverted in an abhorrent manner.

In Justice Scalia’s dissent he points out that the majority’s opinion sounds more like regurgitated propaganda from homosexual activists than a reasoned legal opinion:

The majority concludes that the only motive for this Act was the “bare . . . desire to harm a politically unpopular group.”

He also points out some of the problems which will arise from this asinine, baby-splitting decision by the court majority:

To choose just one of these defenders’ arguments,DOMA avoids difficult choice-of-law issues that will now arise absent a uniform federal definition of marriage. See, e.g., Baude, Beyond DOMA: Choice of State Law in Federal Statutes, 64 Stan. L. Rev. 1371 (2012). Imagine a pair of women who marry in Albany and then move to Alabama, which does not “recognize as valid any marriage of parties of the same sex.” Ala. Code §30–1–19(e) (2011). When the couple files their next federal tax return, may it be a joint one? Which State’s law controls, for federal-law purposes: their State of celebration (which recognizes the marriage) or their State of domicile (which does not)? (Does the answer depend on whether they were just visiting in Albany?) Are these questions to be answered as a matter of federal common law, or perhaps by borrowing a State’s choice-of-law rules? If so, which State’s? And what about States where the status of an out-of-state same-sex marriage is an unsettled question under local law? See Godfrey v. Spano, 13 N. Y. 3d 358, 920 N. E. 2d 328 (2009). DOMA avoided all of this uncertainty by specifying which marriages would be recognized for federal purposes. That is a classic purpose for a definitional provision.

Great job, Supreme Court idiots! You just took a law which fostered stability and order, and replaced it with your judicial activist opinion which will create disorder and confusion. Of course, disorder and confusion are the meat and potatoes of liberalism, because disorder makes for the ideal environment to do “what is right in your own eyes” and to Hell with the law and what is right.

I hate to sound defeatist, but I am really losing hope fast that there is any future for America. We seem Hell-bent on destroying ourselves.

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  • Carrie_K_Hutchens

    Some are hell-bent on destroying all that is right and good, Bob. They seem only to see the pleasure of the moment and not the consequences to follow. However, I think they have become so bold… so arrogant… that they are waking up the sleeping masses, who had been too comfortable in their ignorance of what is transpiring around them. Now, those masses are starting to see that the swiftly moving changes of yesterday are now affecting them and theirs. Can’t have that. Time to say something. Time to do something.

    • SDJammer

      What we need are San Francisco style gay rights parades to come to all local main streets. That way the naïve can see up close and personal what sounds so wonderful to them. I personally find it quite disgusting.

      • Bob Ellis

        You’re absolutely right. If they did that, you’d see sympathy for the homosexual agenda dry up and blow away all over America (except in the worst of places like San Francisco).

        Of course, they’re clever enough to never do that. Don’t know if you’ve ever read “After the Ball” by Kirk and Madsen, but it’s an EXTREMELY informative read for anyone concerned about these issues.

        Written by a couple of homosexual activists around 1990, it laid out a strategy for “rehabilitating” the image of the homosexual agenda while demonizing Christians and anyone who insisted on normality. I first read it a couple of years after it came out, and could already see it taking place. Looking back 23 years or so, those years look like reading through the pages of that book.

        I would highly recommend it to anyone who’s interested in the truth (even at this late societal hour). I have a copy I bought at a used book seller.

        • Bob Ellis

          The highlighting is a bit disconcerting, but someone wrote up a bullet point summary of some key points in “After the Ball” with quotes that give you a good idea of how the overall strategy is to be carried out. Read it and see if you don’t see this carried out on news pages of the last 20 years:

        • Carrie_K_Hutchens

          Yep, those parades would change many a mind. In the meantime, someone ought to keep playing portions of that Chick-fil-a demonstration. Talk about vulgar in public. (Would have been vulgar even if it were a man & a woman. Some behavior just shouldn’t be public ever.)

        • thisoldspouse

          Homosexual activists are always telling us that there is no agenda, and I always point to this book as only one of several permutations of this very agenda of theirs.

  • Larry

    There is no benefit to our nation that can come from this ruling by the Court today.

    There is a possible positive outcome to this, however. Paralleling the Roe vs. Wade decision made several years ago, public opinion has shifted to believing abortion is generally wrong. Perhaps the same thing will happen should the American public realize how destructive homosexual behavior is.

    I do believe the acceptance of divorce, along with the relentless anti family/marriage propaganda tsunami through mass media in recent years, has been a big factor in the shifting of the public’s opinion on this subject. And the homosexuals don’t care about marriage at all. They are using marriage as a pawn to get full acceptance of homosexual behavior in this country. For now it appears they are winning. Let’s hope and pray the tide turns before it’s too late.