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2012 South Dakota Crime Report Released

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crimeFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE : Monday, June 24, 2013
CONTACT: Sara Rabern, (605) 773-3215

PIERRE, S.D. – Attorney General Marty Jackley released today the Crime in South Dakota 2012 report. This report is compiled by the Attorney General’s Criminal Statistical Analysis Center (SAC). The SAC Unit is the primary clearinghouse for criminal justice statistical data for South Dakota. Criminal statistics help identify trends in criminal activity that assists in crime prevention and enforcement efforts across South Dakota.

“Our criminal statistics reflect that over all South Dakota remains a relatively safe place to live as a result of law enforcement efforts, strong community involvement, and a supportive legislature,” said Jackley. “However, experiencing an increase in criminal activity justifies the need to examine further strengthening crime prevention and enforcement efforts especially in the sex offense and violent crime areas.”

South Dakota law enforcement agencies reported a total of 36,264 arrests involving 62,499 offenses in 2012, an 11% increase from 2011 (56,272). The more serious offenses included a total of 15,887 arrests and involve the following:

  • homicide/negligent manslaughter-17,
  • sex offenses-144,
  • assault-4,420,
  • larceny/theft-3,323,
  • fraud-321,
  • drug/narcotic-4,584,
  • prostitution-20,
  • kidnapping-19,
  • robbery-50,
  • arson-31,
  • burglary-387,
  • motor vehicle theft-158,
  • counterfeiting-82,
  • embezzlement-52,
  • stolen property-69,
  • destruction of property-681,
  • pornography/obscene material-29 and
  • weapon law violations-182.

Less serious offenses totaled 20,377 arrestees, involving the following, but not limited to DUI-5,897 (5,775 for 2011), liquor law violations-4,463 and disorderly conduct-2,100.

Some examples of the South Dakota numbers included an increase in drug arrests of 17%, sex offenses of 9%, assaults 2.5 % and an increase in thefts totaling more than $20 million worth of property loss reported.

You can obtain a copy of this year’s Crime in South Dakota report from our website here.

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