Have You Considered: Is Genesis History?

If you’ve ever gone through the Truth Project, you know who Dr. Del Tackett is.  I went through the Truth Project myself several years ago, and taught it a couple of times to classes at my church.

Tackett has now put together a one-night-only movie theater event on Thursday, Feb. 23, called “Is Genesis History?”

This film, “Is Genesis History” embarks on a journey to answer some of the most controversial questions of our time: Was the world really created in six days? What major events may have occurred to shape it? Was there a global flood? A Big Bang?

The website for “Is Genesis History” describes the focus of the film:

What exactly happened, “In the beginning …” and in the time that followed? Throughout most of history, Genesis was considered an accurate and reliable record, but during the past 250 years, it has become one of the most controversial books of all time. Events such as the creation of the universe in six days, God making man in His image, and a global flood destroying the world are regularly scoffed at by many … including by some Christians.

Where can reliable, well-researched answers be found? IS GENESIS HISTORY? is a comprehensive documentary that delves deeply into biblical, historical, and scientific frameworks to explore everything from geology to biology to astronomy to archaeology … and much more. IS GENESIS HISTORY? shines new light on our origins, providing a positive argument for Biblical Creation and the Flood. Two competing views … one compelling truth.

Woodrow Wilcox


I used to believe in evolution, and didn’t believe the Genesis account of history which says God created the universe in six days. That was before I learned about the terminal weaknesses of the theory of evolution, as well as the scientifically viable theories of creation scientists that actually fit available scientific evidence better than the idea of evolution does.

Many people would have you believe the claims of Genesis are just superstitions and myth, that science and history prove they aren’t real. As someone who used to believe that, and who has investigated for myself, I can tell you that the dominant culture is lying to you: there is tremendous scientific, historical and archaeological support for the claims made in Genesis.



If you’ve ever wondered about the origin of everything we know on earth, if you’ve ever wondered if the claims in Genesis could really be true, then this is a good film for you.  If you live in or around Rapid City, you can find tickets here. If you live elsewhere, you can search for a theater in your area here.

Knowing where you came from and why the world is the way it is, is important. Knowing where you’re going after you die is even more important, because that destination will last for eternity. Isn’t it worth two hours and the price of a movie ticket to learn about these important things?

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  • Thisoldspouse

    I’ll be looking forward to it coming to the DFW area.

  • retiredday

    Several people from my church plan to see the movie this week. My home group studied the Truth Project so i anticipate this film will reflect the same good scholarship. I’m looking forward to it and highly recommend it to anyone who is serious not only about asking questions but of being open to hear the answers.