The Right to Play ‘Pretend’, ‘Dress Up’ and ‘Make Believe’

They who scream loudest against the miraculous validity and veracity of the Christian faith and related truth claims are they who espouse and demand an acknowledgement and affirmation of their own contrived, denied reality. A denial of the sanctity and intricacy of physical design and distinct gender identity inherent in the creation and procreation of mankind is no substitute for the unalienable and absolute created basis of all things.

Personally, I’m sick and tired of folks mocking my faith and my God while at the same time espousing and confirming the troubled inventions of the Gnostic. These people cannot see past their own indignation and hypocrisy, nor have they done their due diligence. They have not fully comprehended the wonder and terror of the Cross.

“We are talking about God. What wonder is it that you do not understand? If you do understand, then it is not God.”  – Augustine

I’ve grown weary of weak arguments and cheap disparagements. Nobody gets a pass. Jesus never did, nor would he want to. He fulfilled the law. He came down from heaven and died for the sins of man. This is the crux of the debate. He is the Hinge on which all else stands or fails. He was either liar, lunatic,or lord. Who can comprehend the great paradox which culminated in the death and resurrection of the Son of Man.  These are the truths they must account for. For without this, they are ultimately left with only existential anarchy and earthly bondage.

As a people, we are less than zero if we trade a belief in God for a boundless, baseless, arbitrary foundation sold on individualistic relativity. But the rude awakening is merely one last breath away. If everything is meaningless, and even carefully noted and timeless historical wisdom can be subject to swift and blind dismissal despite empirical evidence and established purposeness, then nothing is sacred. This includes the false perceptions of counter-culture naturalists sold on a form of scientism lacking merit, progressive advancement, and cosmic justification.

The dehumanization of man and invalidation of God goes hand in hand toward the establishment of a perpetual no-man’s land. The global Gnostification of human experience can never undo the laws of nature and creation. Depraved desires and tendencies that are opposed to human health and complementary design are a tragic affront to the greater good.

Woodrow Wilcox


Why should childish and counter-intuitive  concepts be held as anything other than the utter violation of the absolute common and natural laws of a well ordered society? Why should legislation revolving around a public right to dress up and suspend natural, universal reality be given a fair hearing in the court of common decency and well structured humanity? If adults want to ‘play god’ and ‘make believe’ they are free to do so in the privacy of their own homes, that in itself does not add credibility to such practices.

Jesus is the question and the answer. It all begins, ends, and begins again with Him. That’s where our fair hearing must lie. A denial of His assent and lordship does not invalidate it.


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A.J. Castellitto is a freelance writer who resides in NJ with his wife and five children. He holds a B.S. in Counseling and Human Services from the University of Scranton and his writings have been published at The Center for Western Journalism, The Christian Post, Intellectual Conservative and Reformed Perspective Magazine.
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  • CoyoteJohn

    This is a home run! I just started receiving the American Clarion because I was seeking a biblical counterbalance to what I perceived was the moral surrender of my fellow Christians to the relativism that seems to be as much apart of the current Administration as the last. I was as guilty as the rest, having voted for Trump with great trepidation and hoping that we were once again on the side of Truth. Oh, how so many of us have been fooled. There is no substitute for the reality of the Risen Christ and the covenant relationship we have with God. We need to pray for our leaders that they will wake up from their slumber but we also need to stand firmly in our Faith and affirm in our hearts that their is no alternative reality to the Cross. Thanks A.J. for a great article that “tells it like it is”.

    • Thanks for your feedback, CoyoteJohn.

      I don’t so much hold it against folks who voted for Trump out of desperation and fear of Hillary Clinton, as I have great issue with the “Trump humpers” who completely ignored (and continue to ignore) his voluminous character flaws and liberal leanings as they pretended he was some kind of conservative messiah.

      Now more than ever, conservatives and Christians must point to the only meaningful and true standard: not any politician, but the Great Lawgiver of the Universe.

    • A. Castellitto

      I’m big on apoligetics….. But what really turned this around for me and got me on the “offensive” as opposed to the defensive is how recently I realised you can truly frame the ‘culture’ war from a religious or spiritual perspective, in which the liberal has to face hard truths….. Reframe the argument against immorality, not as an embrace of bigotry (like the alinskyites try to), but a defense of God…. Especially as far as the liberal Christian is concerned…. They may be liberal but they certainly are no Christians, just from a belief perspective….. Nor is their rebellion new or unique….. They are sold on relativism akin to Gnosticism, and all the chaos and perversity that comes with such a God-forsaking sect…, be not troubled and expose them for who they are….or who they follow….. I’m already done with Trump, but as far as the Good Fight is concerned…. We are just getting started