Video: Rep. Craig Tieszen at the Rapid City Crackerbarrel Meeting

South Dakota Dist. 34 Rep. Craig Tieszen

South Dakota Rep. Craig Tieszen was one of the featured speakers at today’s legislative crackerbarrel meeting in Rapid City. The event was sponsored by the Rapid City Chamber of Commerce.

Referencing a previous statement by South Dakota Senator Phil Jensen that he and several other legislators would not attend future crackerbarrel meetings unless the Chamber abandoned recent format changes, Tieszen stated he would not “threaten” the chamber and that he respected their right to set up crackerbarrel meetings as they see fit.

During his speech, Tieszen explained a number of legislative procedures including committee hearings, “smoke outs,” and such. Tieszen said some people view lobbyists as the “enemy” of the legislature, but he said he likes lobbyists because he doesn’t know everything and he needs information.

Tieszen said there will be a hearing on Monday about repealing Initiated Measure 22 and the repeal will probably happen. He said he believes IM 22 is “hopelessly unconstitutional” and believes it ought to go. He said the initiators of this measure were told ahead of time that it was unconstitutional but they brought it anyway. He said he would not support the “emergency clause” of the repeal, but that he supported the repeal effort overall.

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