If the Truth Be Told

For those who are unaware, I do a radio commentary program that is broadcast twice weekly nationwide.  Last week, my program featured my annual Year in Review message, highlighting the major news stories from 2016.  Because my program time is limited, I had to do a lot of editing to get just the major highlights, and there was no time, really, for me to do much commentary.  I presented “just the facts” of as many major news stories as I could fit in.

No sooner had the radio program ended than I received a phone call from an irate listener.  He accused me of “grossly misrepresenting” the news stories of 2016.  I listened politely, wondering how that could possibly have been the case, since I really only listed off the things that took place during the calendar year.  These were the major news stories.  It’s pretty hard to argue that the things I mentioned never happened.   The man was livid, and his voice was filled with rage.  But RAGE is the common response, you see, no matter where you turn.   It seems no one can have a civil conversation anymore.  As much as the Left loves to preach about tolerance,  if you dare speak truth — or even rational, reasonable common sense to them, they quickly respond with RAGE.  It’s all they seem to know.

I listened, quietly and politely as he told me:  “I’ve known quite a few Christians who are NICE people…” he said, but then he went on to talk about “people like me,” who are mean-spirited and hateful.  When the name calling and foul language started, I simply hung up the phone.  I was more than willing to have a conversation and even a debate with this man, but clearly, that wasn’t going to happen.  I do my best with these programs to present the truth as accurately and precisely as possible.  I put a lot of time into researching and fact checking, to make sure I’m accurate in all I say.  But you see, I do not compromise, nor do I play the “Political Correctness Game,” and that’s what brings out the rage response.

It was clear there was SOMETHING in my 2016 Year in Review that touched a raw nerve in this man.  I wanted to find out what it was, so I went back through the transcript of my program.  I admit, I was quite critical of the actions of Obama, but how could I NOT be, given the fact that this one man has done more damage to our nation and our national unity than anyone in my lifetime?  I’m pretty sure I mentioned Islamic terrorism over and over again throughout the message, but how could I NOT mention these things?  There were constant and ongoing atrocities committed by Muslims every single month of the year, all around the world, AND here on our own shores, even though Obama declared just recently that there have been NO terror attacks on our shores during his tenure in office.

But I believe I found what REALLY caused this guy to lash out at me:  my mentioning things like “transgenderism,” “homosexuality,” and yes, I used the word “Sodomite.”  But how could I not?  This perversion was, pardon the pun, “all the rage” in 2016.  You couldn’t get away from it.  It assaulted our minds and our senses every single day.

And as I said,  I don’t play the “Political Correctness Game.”  There’s just no time for that anymore.   It is time, now,  to tell the truth, to say it like it is.  I no longer use the word “gay” either.   That is not an accurate description.  And the word “homo” simply means “same.”  So homo-sexual” simply means “same sex.”  There again, not quite hitting the mark.  Not an accurate description of what is taking place.  What IS taking place is SODOMY.  I will, mercifully, spare you the details.  You know what it is.  And up until a few years ago, it was rightly categorized as a mental illness.

Woodrow Wilcox


But now, as in the days of Noah and Lot, sodomy is in vogue, and those who practice it want their carnal lusts not only normalized, but celebrated — even in our Christian churches, and sadly, there are many churches that are happy to oblige.  Thus the comment of my angry caller about how he has known so many “Christians” who are “nice.”  I have no doubt that’s true.  Because sadly, most Christians today are following a false gospel, a false “Jesus” who never judges anyone;  an “open and affirming spirituality.”  Doctrines of demons, if the truth be told.

Hillary Clinton herself said that Christians MUST change their views on homosexuality and marriage… and that makes perfect sense because the church she purports to affiliate with is EXTREMELY affirming of this abomination.  They not only host and celebrate sodomite weddings, they also ordain practicing sodomite “Pastors.”  But that’s only the tip of the iceberg.  This particular denomination is churning out new pastors from their seminaries who no longer believe or teach biblical Creation, or for that matter, much of anything from the Old Testament.  As for the New Testament, they carefully pick and choose only the “nice” parts that fit their twisted, demonized worldview.  I have to wonder, why then, use the Bible at all?  Why not just make up your own religious book and play pretend?



People can twist and distort God’s Word all they want but God does not change, and God’s Word says over and over again that this is an abomination, a shameful sin, and those who practice it bring destruction upon themselves.  Likewise, cities and nations that celebrate sodomy will ALSO receive the due penalty for their sin against God and nature.

But we have been indoctrinated to ACCEPT sodomites and “transgendered” people and call it “love.”  We have been taught that we should never judge, but rather encourage them and celebrate with them their “authentic selves.”  I read an article recently, and forgive me, but I do not recall the author, but he made a very good point that I want to share with you here.   The point is this:  If your daughter were suffering from obvious anorexia, but in her confused mind, she believed she was fat, would you embrace and celebrate her “fatness” with her?  Would you encourage her to go and get liposuction surgery?  Or would you lovingly seek help to cure her mental illness and open her eyes to the truth?

So I’m fairly certain that this is what set this guy off…. my simply telling the truth.  Because in our world today, TRUTH is characterized as “Hate Speech.”  And so those professing so-called “Christians” who embrace and celebrate the “rainbow culture” are viewed as “nice.”  But those who hold to the plain and simple Word of God are seen as hateful.  But let us remember Isaiah 5:  “Woe unto those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness.”   You see, Satan is our ENEMY!  He is the ENEMY of our SOULS!  He’s out to DESTROY us, and he HATES God!  Have you ever met a God-hater?  They’re not nice people.  They are sarcastic, foul mouthed, rage-filled and demonic in their spirits, and more often than not, deeply involved in aberrant sexual practices.  They are of their father the devil, and the deeds of their father they will do!  And what does the devil do?  He perverts the laws of God and nature, and he instills doubts in the hearts and minds of men.  He causes us to doubt what God said.

But there need not be any confusion because God didn’t stutter.  The older I get the more I KNOW that the Holy Bible is the only REAL truth there is in this entire world.  But this serpent is very crafty.  He works in the minds and hearts of our children and young people, as their parents are too distracted and busy with the cares of this world, too preoccupied to raise and train them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.  Parents send their kids to church youth group where they get candy and play silly games and hear “Bible stories” that are “nice.”

Then they send them to the government school system where they’re indoctrinated and evangelized with “progressive, secular humanism.”  And after 12 years of that, they go off to college where statistics show that 85% of them will walk away from God entirely, never to return.  We let our precious little ones be deceived by church programming that’s filled with compromise, we don’t even take notice as they are deceived by the Almighty State, and then they come home from college and we no longer even recognize them.  You may be their earthly parents, but now they belong to their father the devil — and the deeds of their father they will do!

It is no wonder that most college students have rejected their parents’ faith, they’ve come to hate their country, and prefer socialism over the American Dream.  I don’t mean to sound pessimistic.  But honestly, look around.  What do YOU see?  Our country is but a shell of it’s former self…. because we’ve become consumed with silly trivialities and have not paid attention to the things that truly matter.  We have neglected our children.  Not by choice, but by apathy and complacency.  We’ve “gone along to get along.”  We have refused to speak truth TO ANYONE for fear of being “offensive.”    Political Correctness is our way of life.  We’ve been too cowardly to judge with righteous judgment as God’s Word instructs, and we’ve been too lazy to care.  After all this, what do YOU think the outcome would be?  Pretty much what you see before you today.

As I was following the major news stories during the first week of 2017, I couldn’t help but think, once again, just how DIVIDED we are as a nation.  It is SO terribly sad what  has happened to our country.  My own children will never know the America that I grew up in.  That country no longer exists.  For that matter, THEY will never see again the country they THEMSELVES grew up in — it was fundamentally changed so quickly in just the past few years.  Yes, America has been RADICALLY changed, and NOT for the better.  I shudder to think what sort of world my grandchildren will inherit.  Will my grand daughter be forced to wear a Burka?  Islam is growing at an astronomical rate here in America, while Christian churches struggle to keep their numbers up.  They offer all sorts of enticements and entertainment and programs, but still, the American church is dying.  All because we bow down to the false gods of Political Correctness and refuse to preach the truth.  Rather than raise disciples of Christ, we acquiesce to the status quo of pop culture.

We had BETTER face the facts of what we are up against.  We had BETTER quit playing the  “Political Correctness Game.”  Because we are orchestrating our own destruction.  We have opened our borders to our enemies, those who seek to harm us.  But let’s be completely honest:  those who seek to overtake us and enslave us.  We have naively welcomed in the Trojan Horse, and we’ve done it even KNOWING what’s inside the horse.  Europe is in flames under the tyranny of Islam, and we SEE it, yet we still invite the very same plague to our own shores.  What’s wrong with us?  Surely we are under a strong delusion.

The New Year of 2017 began with some horiffic news.  The mainstream press has done it’s best to try and soften this, some have even called it “fake news.”   Four black youths kidnapped a mentally handicapped white boy and held him hostage for two days.  During that time, they beat him, cut him with knives, forced him to curse Donald Trump and white people, and made him drink out of a urine-filled toilet.  All while they videotaped the boy’s torture and streamed the video live on Facebook.   Even though tens of thousands of people watched this on Facebook — live, as it was happening, the mainstream press is calling this an “alleged” crime.  CNN refuses to call it a “hate crime” at all and some have even tried to justify the actions of these thugs as “understandable.”  Truly, if this had been reversed, if four white supremacists had done the same thing to a black person, every city in America would be in flames today.  But who am I to judge?

Meanwhile, as President-elect Trump prepares to take office, and as he works on plans to repeal and replace the DISASTER known as “Obamacare,” the Democrats have coined a sarcastic new phrase:  “Make America sick again.”  They accuse those of us who are still able to think clearly of  “Islamophobia,” “Homophobia,” and “fear mongering.”  Yet they portray any effort to truly help the American people escape from the tyranny of eight years of progressive socialism as a BAD thing.  “Make America sick again,” they say.  Well, I have news for you:  America has BEEN sick for a very long time. Spiritually sick and mentally sick.  We’ve been drugged into apathetic submission to the federal Beast that inhabits the swamp known as Washington DC.

Here’s some TRUTH for you:  America has been given over to depraved minds.  Truth now, sounds like “HATE.”  Meanwhile, the Beast is trying to silence all dissent.  The truth is being censored from us and just as the serpent cast doubt in Eve’s mind in the garden about the truth of God, the serpents in DC are casting doubt by labeling truth from alternative media sources as “fake news.”

America IS very sick.  We have received within ourselves and within our nation the due penalty for our error.  Why are we surprised?

We’ve all heard the phrase, “The truth will set you free.”  But this ancient wisdom from Jesus Himself is nearly ALWAYS taken out of context.  So in closing, let me read for you the WHOLE verse, the WHOLE truth, as found in the Gospel of John.  Here is what Jesus REALLY said:  IF YOU HOLD TO MY TEACHING, you are really My disciples.  THEN you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”  You see, apart from Jesus you can’t even know the truth…  and unless you HOLD to His teaching, you are not His disciples at all.  So if you’re not serious about being His disciple, then by calling yourself a “Christian” you are actually taking the Lord’s name in vain.  Stop it.  America will never be great again, unless we turn back to God, who promises if we do, THEN He will heal our hearts and our minds.  America needs Jesus.  And that’s the truth.

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