The Final Year of An Obama Legacy Contrasted With God’s Will

As we approach Christmas it is but a short week till the end of the year. This is often a time when we evaluate our year past and set goals for the year ahead, some even make resolutions. We are also reaching the end of as disastrous political era on January 20, 2017.

It is interesting to see the propagandist hard at work to put a good face on this disastrous era of American history. May this progressive era be buried forever. If you listen closely you can hear them trying to put lipstick on a pig.

What is the Obama legacy? Things like Obamacare is declared an unrivaled success, when in fact it is an abysmal failure. “Already, American families have grappled with skyrocketing health insurance costs and limited health insurance choices. They can expect for these problems to worsen dramatically over the next year, the Obama administration revealed [in October].

The “Affordable” Care Act has drastically failed to deliver on its promises of cost-effective insurance, and the Obama administration conceded [in October] that pre-subsidy premiums will skyrocket by an average of 25 percent nationwide.

American families will feel the pain. After polling 20,000 consumers, Morning Consult reported in September that the top budget concern for Americans was the rising cost of health-insurance premiums… [October’s] announcement also showed just how tough it will be to persuade millennials to buy insurance and pay into the common pot.”[1] So even the Administration admits it is failing while on the other hand proclaiming its success.

Look at the international scene. We been involved in the longest war in the history of our land, the so-called War on Terror. Is the world a safer place today than before 9/11? Have the number and violence of terrorists been reduced? Has the homeland been protected by all the trillions spent by the multitude of intelligence services and all the nation building around the world? Indeed I think an honest examination shows that much of the work and spending has been for nought. In fact the tragedy in Bengazi reveals a very sinister aspect of all this. It revealed that our State Department was arming rebels in Syria to overthrow that duly elected government. It was our weaponry that armed and equipped ISIS. How do you fight terrorism by creating terrorists? I think our foreign policy has been an abject failure.

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What about the economy? Are we better off than even just 8 years ago? Again the statistics show a real loss of jobs, and an increasing rate at which the middle class has been falling into the lower class and to top it off we have been swamped by design of the Administration with illegals who will work for less. American’s in general are far worse off economically. We could examine many other areas

  • Such as racial conflict, with a White House occupied by one who claimed he could heal and unite, he has actually done the exact opposite.
  • I can think of many other areas of failure but just consider the one area where there was an advance in this Administration – persecution of Christians, bakers, florists, photographers attacked by sodomites with the full support of the Administration, and every public school forced to have boys in the girls showers and bathrooms.

I don’t see any area where America is better off in the past 8 years. So it will be interesting to watch the liars for hire trying to put lipstick on these awful past 8 years. Obama’s legacy is that by and large America has rejected his anti-Christian and anti-Constitution attempt to fundamentally transform America.


We pray for a reset back to the Bible and back to the Constitution. The children of Israel serve as a good lesson for us on how to do this personally as well as a country. Turn to Exodus 36 where we see that they Began well…. and then in Exodus 39:32-43 we see that they Ended Well.

  • We ought to work in light of that final inspection – knowing that there will be a final inspection of the work we accomplish here on earth.
  • It is not for salvation, but for rewards we will be judged and our works tested by fire to determine if they are enduring gold, silver or precious stones verses wood, hay and stubble.
  • Israel passed inspection with flying colors having done all that the Lord had commanded. The detailed inspection of the work they completed showed that when it was held up against the standard of God’s Word, it was as it should be. Let us begin well but most importantly let us end well.

“Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.” Hebrews 12:2

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