Jesus is Lord: Keeping Christ in Christmas AND Christianity!

Why does it matter that we’ve become a nation of doctrinal dunces? What harm is there in flunking Christianity 101? …If we really believe what we profess then we’d better improve our grade. Knowing who the God we claim to worship is can no longer be a third priority if we want the world to take us seriously as his followers.”

Jesus is God incarnate. He is God, the Second person of the Holy Trinity, equal in power and purpose. This IS really Christianity 101; and the sobering truth remains, if you really want to undermine and diminish the truth and validity of what it means to be a Christian, then you must first diminish who Jesus is, what he is done, and what he will ultimately do. All denominations that ultimately grow apostate share this distinct and heretical tenet – they denounce the deity of Christ.

Jesus is eternal. He is God incarnate. He is he who is called Wonderful, Counselor, The Mighty God, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. We get this wrong and all else fails!

“One reason lust reigns in so many is that Christ has so little appeal. We default to deceit because we have little delight in Christ. You were created to treasure Christ with all your heart — more than you treasure sex or sugar or sports or shopping. If you have little taste for Jesus, competing pleasures will triumph. Enjoy a superior satisfaction. Cultivate capacities for pleasure in Christ.” – John Piper

“The common denominator in all species of pride is self-preoccupation. Pride wants to be the center of attention: for good or for bad. Pride’s fixation with self can only be countered with humility’s forgetfulness of self. Humility is the true photo-negative of pride.” – Jason Meyer, Bethlehem Baptist Church

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