‘Just Preach the Gospel!’

preach_Gospel_Christianity “Just preach the Gospel!” I hear this all the time from professing Christians who dislike our Christian newspaper because they say it is too “political.” “What do you mean, by ‘political?’” I ask.

“Well for one thing, why don’t you lay off on all this ‘ProLife’ stuff? We’re tired of hearing about it. We all know about abortion but we can’t win this one. We just have to accept that it’s a legal medical procedure and a fact of life. I know you don’t like it and I know you feel really strongly about this, Rob, but it’s just not that big of a deal.”

This was what I was told by a professing Christian recently, who told me they were not renewing their subscription to our newspaper this year — and the reason they gave was because they were tired of all the articles we publish that they deem as being “too political” including, among other things, information about the ongoing fight against baby killing. As a newspaper, in their minds, we’re just “too Pro-Life.” Can you believe that? Now, how can anyone be “TOO Pro-Life?” What’s the alternative?  Being Pro-Death? Yes, actually, it is. And as Wisdom and Understanding call out to us from the pages of the Book of Proverbs, the final words of Chapter 8 are these: “All who hate me love death.” Such is our world today. We LIVE surrounded by an entire CULTURE of death. And once again, the words of Scripture ring hauntingly true…. those who hate the Wisdom and Understanding of God’s Word, ultimately, do, indeed, love death — even those who claim to be Christians. Whether they admit it or not.

How could anyone claim to be a Christian and then basically just turn a blind eye to the plight of the helpless, unborn babies being murdered daily by an INDUSTRY designed to make money KILLING BABIES?! This whole thing has had me very upset. The conversation has gnawed at me relentlessly since it happened. And now, I have some things I’d like to say.

Why is it that just a scant few of us continue to fight this battle? More importantly, why is it that most Christians and Pastors just DON’T seem to care about it at all? NOT ONE IOTA. Does YOUR pastor care?  When was the last time he preached on it, or went and stood with the two or three faithful, witnessing for the helpless babies about to be slaughtered at the abortion center? For that matter, when was the last time your pastor gave your congregation ANY direction or leadership on the matter AT ALL?   Never?  I see.
Oh, they may give lip service to the so-called “Pro-Life cause,” but honestly, 99% of the pastors and people in the pews have literally done nothing about it at all, and don’t ever plan to. I know ONE thing: there are a lot of church-goers in our modern Establishment Churches in America, who truly believe the practice of ABORTION is legitimate “Women’s Healthcare.” They have believed the lie peddled by the “progressive leftists.” But that’s only one of the lies they have bought into.

And that’s only one part of the “over-the-top” political content in our newspaper that so many in our modern American churches find so objectionable. There’s also the fact that we are “Always harping on the homosexual thing… Get over it!” they say. “Have some compassion. Jesus would never condemn anyone for who they love!” Truly, the attitude of the professing “Church” has changed nearly 180 degrees in just the past few years; in fact, just since Obama has been in office. We are now nearly at the tipping point where the majority of church-goers are ready to accept that rather than ministering TRUTH to those whom the devil has confused about their sexuality, we should instead embrace them with open arms, just as they are, and allow them to “live and love” as they choose… assuring them that God doesn’t care at all if men have perverted sex with men and women do the same with other women. Marriage can be whatever we want it to be. God loves and blesses their choices no matter what, and they’re just as “saved” as any Christian — probably even MORESO, because they’re living “authentically” — not like those legalistic “hypocrites.”

Woodrow Wilcox


Apostate preacher Rob Bell said as much last year on Oprah Winfrey’s TV program. In 2013, he announced that he was in favor of redefining marriage, and that had been his position for years. But on Oprah’s program last year, he explained that the Christian Church in America is (quote) “Moments away” from accepting sodomy and homosexual marriage as completely normal, and he added, “I think culture is already there, and the Church will continue to be even more irrelevant when it quotes letters from 2,000 years ago as their best defense. When you have in front of you flesh-and-blood people who are your brothers and sisters and aunts and uncles and co-workers and neighbors, and they love each other, and they just want to go through life with someone.”

Statements like these are music to the ears of many Millennials who are seeking official validation for their confused, carnal, narcissistic lusts, but I’m even more amazed at how many OLDER people who should know better have bought into these same lies of the devil. They have been utterly deceived by the expert manipulations of this Culture War we are living in.



But you know what? MOST church-goers do not even understand that we’re IN a culture war! They are blinded. I’ve often wondered why the Bible so often uses phrases like “he who has eyes to see,” or “he who has ears to hear.” The fact is, the American Church has become blind, deaf and dumb when it comes to the spiritual warfare currently being waged against us, all around us. We see nothing, we hear nothing and we SAY nothing… at least nothing that could be construed as “controversial” or Heaven forbid, “political.” We believe all manner of falsehoods our imaginations can dream up regarding “angels,” yet we deny that demons even exist at all, though they are active and working to destroy our minds, bodies and souls 24 hours a day. They never rest!

Though God’s Word expressly says otherwise, we choose to ignore it all, and “just preach the Gospel.” (Whatever THAT means!) The MAJORITY of our churches are dangerously close to not only neglecting their duties to true Christian discipleship, but actually abandoning the faith completely and following an apostate, FALSE Gospel disguised as “love.” The sanctity of marriage, the sin of sodomy, the murder of babies — we just don’t want to talk about such things, because they CONVICT our hearts. Many of us may even have friends and family caught up in these abominations, and we cannot bear to think that because of their rebellion and defiance of God’s natural order, they are condemned and damned. I know these are harsh things to consider, and hard things to hear. But your problem is NOT with me. I’m just telling you what GOD says about it. Most pastors will not do that. Instead they quickly label these matters as “political” and can then conveniently turn away, with a clear conscience — because as Christians we should not talk about such distasteful things — we should just LOVE everyone, and never make any judgments on anything. “Just preach the Gospel!”

“Who are we to judge?” “Jesus would never judge anyone.” “That’s not very Chrisitan of you!” Have you heard these sentiments? Yeah, me too. Satan is deceiving, even the “elect” — even probably half the people in your own church — sitting next to you every Sunday. Worshipping and praising with hands raised, but utterly clueless of what Scripture really teaches, because no one has told them the truth — and no one ever will, at least not in church, because “we don’t talk about ‘politics’ here!”

Rob Bell is not the only apostate pastor out there. Need I mention Joel Osteen, who urges his readers to enjoy their “Best Life Now?” (And they’d better because unless they repent this really WILL BE their best life — they have NO IDEA what awaits them in eternity, because this “False Gospel” preacher has LIED to them!) Or what about Rick Warren?  I warned about him 16 years ago and immediately lost 90% of what little support I had from churches… the pastors and the people worshipped Rick Warren as if they were worshipping Jesus Christ Himself… and when I questioned his Purpose Driven mess, I was IMMEDIATELY cast out as the worst possible type of “hater.”

Since then, I have seen Rick Warren’s teaching devastate dozens of churches — once ROCK SOLID, Bible teaching churches have fallen to the “Purpose Driven,” “Seeker Sensitive,” “Emergent Church” model, and the “trouble makers,” — those spiritually mature saints who held to the TRUTH of God’s Word were all politely invited to get out of the way of “progress,” or simply GET OUT! More churches and families and friendships than I can count were ripped apart because of Rick Warren, …and this smiling, grinning wolf continues to war against God’s people.

More recently, he has sat side by side in courts of law – “high-fiving” in celebration with the likes of Elton John, “the world’s most talented sodomite,” to celebrate the defeat of God’s natural plan for marriage and the persecution of God-honoring Christians. And he has been instrumental in creating the NEW “religion” known as “Chrislam” — a blending of Christianity and Islam… After all, he says, we are all children of Abraham, even though one half of that equation is commanded by their lying prophet to annihilate the other half; somehow Warren and others claim we’re all praying to the same God. Anyone who objects to any of this new world order is cast as an intolerant, hate-filled, fundamentalist, homophobic, xenophobic bigot. But Jesus said it would be this way…. those who KNOW what God’s Word says understand that we WILL be persecuted intensely, and that MOST of the world — including MOST professing Christians — WILL follow the ways of the world and the devil, who masquerades as an angel of light. (GOD EVEN TELLS US WHAT TO LOOK FOR, HOW TO IDENTIFY THE ENEMY! BUT WE DO NOT LISTEN!)

You see, Satan has a TEAM — HIS team is well funded, well organized, infiltrated into our churches, and heavily promoted by Madison Avenue, television, movies, government and the mainstream press as Hip, Progressive, Shiny and New. OUR team, on the other hand, is cast as a bunch of Ebenezer Scrooges, stodgy old legalists — the root cause of all the world’s problems; war mongers, hate mongers, — holding back the wonderful new world order full of love and True Utopia. It’s all our fault, you see, because we insist on clinging to those irrelevant words from a 2,000 year old book that is filled with violence, bigotry, hatred and prejudice. So just as the Emergent Church invited us to “get out of the way” or else just “GET OUT,” the same is happening now, on a broader scale — indeed, we’re seeing hatred now increasing from the whole world.

Speak these things in most churches in America and you will see. It’s not just the WORLD that hates God’s Word and all it teaches…. it’s most of the professing American Church as well. And so when the Christian bakers, photographers, florists, County Clerks and newspaper publishers object to things like legalized baby killing, the legislated immorality of sodomy, and the legitimization of the savagery of Islam, most church-goers are right there with the rest of the World, wielding the pitchforks and torches, calling for our silence. “They deserve what they get,” they’ll say. “They brought this all on themselves,” they’ll say. It’s already happened to me…. and so many more.

I maintain that those who choose to believe these lies of Satan are nothing but a bunch of bullies. And just as EVERYTHING in this world is now called the opposite of what it really is, the same holds true here. (After all, that’s what the devil does; he replaces the truth with lies). You know, “Good” is called “Evil,” and “Evil” is called “Good…” They call it “Women’s Healthcare,” but it’s really Murder-for-Hire. They call it “Marriage Equality,” but as we have seen, some are more “equal” than others. They call it “The Affordable Care Act,” but “Affordable” just means that now you have to pay ten times what you used to pay to get one tenth of the benefits you used to get. And make no mistake: you WILL pay — one way or the other. There’s no “opting out” allowed here… Liberals are NOT “Pro Choice” when it comes to personal freedoms, because, you see, their ideas are SO GOOD, they MUST BE made mandatory! They call it “White Privilege” but that really just means that if you dare say anything about Black crime, you must be a full fledged Klan member. They say “Black Lives Matter,” but of course, it’s racist to imply that any OTHER lives matter.

You get the point. But who will speak the truth?  Everyone is afraid to death of speaking contrary to mob rule. You’re not even allowed to have an opinion anymore. And the churches are such a disappointment. Instead of training strong disciples of Christ, they have become “de-boning facilities.” The “fish” are caught and brought to church only to have their backbones removed. So I have lost a subscriber. This just underscores what I have been saying: Christians are actively being brainwashed in their churches just as college students are being brainwashed by their liberal, socialist professors. Just as the whole world is being deceived by the lies of the enemy of our souls. Meanwhile the pacifist Christians shout out, “Just preach the Gospel! Don’t talk about all that other stuff.” But the so-called “Gospel” they proclaim is a lie… an invention of the father of lies. Friends, we NEED the Gospel. DESPERATELY. But we need the REAL one, and we need THE WHOLE COUNSEL of God. You know I’m telling you the truth. Paul would never have told us how to put on the whole ARMOR of God if we were not in a serious spiritual battle. So… just how long will we continue to play pretend in order to soothe our burning, convicted hearts?

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  • DCM7

    I do not “judge” or “condemn” homosexuals. They are no greater sinners than I have been. Rather, I recognize that — like so many other people — they are on a path that promises fulfillment but never delivers, and only pulls them away from what they need the most.

  • Thisoldspouse

    This is all a part of the great apostasy which was foretold. I don’t think it’s going to get better; not that we should behave like it should.