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red_tape_bgNovember 15, 2016 was a special day. In addition to my normal administrative duties, I spent most of the day (over four hours) helping two clients with medical bill problems.

I helped a client from Chicago who got a bill for $700. I checked and learned that Medicare never sent the claims information to his insurance company. I typed a letter to the Medical Service Provider to advise its staff of this and requested that it send certain essential claims information directly to the client’s insurance company for processing the payment. When that is done, the client will owe nothing. Thus, I saved the senior citizen client $700.

I helped a senior citizen woman from Gary, Indiana. This was one of the most twisted cases that I ever worked. The Medicare bureaucracy, the doctor, the insurance company, the Treasury Department, and a bill collector all made mistakes. But, here are the two main sources of the problems that caused the chain reaction. First, for over a year and a half Medicare failed to enter into the record an important document that was faxed to it by an insurance company. Second, the doctor’s office filed claims with both Medicare and the car accident insurance company and then did not reimburse Medicare for the conditional payments. The doctor collected money from Medicare, the car insurance company for the medical claims, and the Medicare supplement insurance company for claims related to a car accident. The doctor did not return money to Medicare which it paid conditionally, but kept both that money and the money from the private insurance companies – FOR THE SAME CLAIMS.

Medicare wanted its conditionally paid claims money back after it learned that the car accident had been settled. Medicare and the U.S. Treasury Department went after the senior citizen from Gary instead of asking the doctor to return the money that Medicare paid conditionally. Remember, the doctor got paid twice for certain claims. But, Medicare wanted the senior citizen to repay the money that the doctor’s office kept. The people at Medicare who worked on this case acted with incredible incompetence and stupidity. Such federal stupidity costs taxpayers and seniors enormous amounts of money every year.

I was so upset by how badly Medicare handled the case of the woman from Gary that the next day I applied for a job with the newly elected President Donald Trump administration. I asked for a job in which I could teach bureaucrats how to reason logically and rationally. If you like that idea, contact the Trump transition team and tell them hiring Woodrow Wilcox would be a good idea.

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