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Donald Trump speaking in Iowa (Photo credit: Alex Hanson)

Trump Triumph: Now Do What You Said You Would Do

Don’t crack your back leaning across the aisle or you might end up with people looking back at all you have promised and trying to read your lips. If that happens in four years the very movement that has catapulted you to the pinnacle of power may end up saying, “You’re fired.”

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SOS: Speaking of Seniors – Bungling Bureaucracy

SOS: Speaking of Seniors - Bungling Bureaucracy

November 15, 2016 was a special day. In addition to my normal administrative duties, I spent most of the day (over four hours) helping two clients with medical bill problems.

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Source: Americans for Limited Government

Congress Should Unify Around Article One

In the wake of a bitter 2016 presidential battle and its acrimonious aftermath a critical question now confronts us: How do we govern a federal government many believe has become ungovernable?

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Andrew Jackson Statue and White House

Is This Presidency the End of America?

Understanding the nature and the limits of the authorities and powers granted to the Executive Branch of the federal government by the Constitution is very liberating unless you countenance tyranny. Our founders provided a way in which the different branches can impede each other, thereby slowing down the actions of government, and this is a great protection for individual liberty.

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Lenin, Engels, Marx

Millennials, Do You Support Karl Marx or the Bible?

This election tells us that we are in the midst of an ideological war over this question: what is the purpose of civil government? is it a system of legalized plunder where the producers are robbed by those who won’t work, or is it a government which is focused on protecting God given rights which includes property rights.

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