The Most Hated ‘Man’ That Ever Lived

JesusI heard the scorn and felt the sting…

I have no problem with God, it’s his followers I can’t stand.  They are so self-righteous. They have the nerve to say theirs is the only way. I feel like they are judging me. What makes them so superior. 

But I’ve also been puffed up and self satisfied.

Faith in Jesus is no license to boast. We rail against the evil without at the expense of seeing and repenting of the evil within. There is no triumphalism to be had in the presence of the Lord, only desperation. A praying man is wholly void of even the slightest degree of swagger. Our shared righteousness is born of obedience and concern. There is no individual honor or personal wisdom to be had. We must be emptied of ourselves and restored in Him.

Have we missed the starting point? Whose cause do we seek to advance?

Jesus was hated to the point of annihilation. Even now, the goal is extinction.

Woodrow Wilcox


Jesus Christ is a stumbling block. He is the biggest overall threat and deterrent against peace and utopia (a different kind than we should seek). All other obstacles are susceptible to personal gratification and self glorification.

Our lament is His disappointment and our joy His affirmation. Have we served humbly and faithfully? The gospel driven life starts now.



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