Who is Dr. Michael Aquino?

aquino“Mind War Is An Entirely Different Art And Science, Of Which Target Audiences Would Be Completely Unaware… The Mind War Prospectus States That Mind War Should Only Be Undertaken In Accordance With Rigorous Ethical Guidelines… If These Guidelines Were Violated, Mind War Could Indeed Be Misused In An Orwellian Fashion. Bear In Mind, However, That The Alternative Is Continued, Continuous PhysWar, Which Is Fast Approaching The Level Of Species/Planetary Destruction. Mind War Offers “The Way Out”, But Yes, It Demands The Utmost In Conscientiousness.”

Every day I discover something new. Unfortunately it’s usually very disturbing and very often our own government is involved. This brings me back to the title…

Who is Dr. Aquino? Is he friend or foe? Is he for us or against us?

Well, there’s a great deal of speculation surrounding this very controversial figure. But one thing is fairly certain, he is no friend of God, despite his probable ‘behind-the-scenes’ influence on society.

Every man must decide who and what they stand for. They are defined not just by their words but also their actions, deeds and achievements. I prefer to shy away from projections. We deserve the opportunity to explain ourselves and exactly what we are about.

“I Was A Lt. Colonel Of The Psychological Operations Branch. I Was Also Branch/Specialty-Qualified In Armor, Armored Cavalry, Special Forces (“Green Beret”), Civil Affairs, Strategic Intelligence, Space Intelligence, Defense Attaché, Foreign Area Officer (West Europe). My Primary Specialty Designation Was The Extremely Rare “Composite” Of These: Politico-Military Affairs Officer. In This Capacity I Worked Mostly On Special Assignments Of A Highly-Classified Nature, Usually Alone.” *

Woodrow Wilcox


Hopefully, we have the opportunity to do a little good in this world. I don’t expect everyone to be the same. From the Christian faith perspective, we are either vessels of wrath or vessels of mercy. Some more prominent than others.

A majority of us aspire to be vessels of truth. The hard question remains. On what side of truth do we fall?



*”Satanic Psy-Op Officer Michael Acquino”


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  • retiredday

    “Mind War” is what we’re left with when we forgo the moral responsibility involved in living as a free people. Our constitution depends upon the participation of a moral citizenry in self-governance. Take God out of the equation and you are left with the burden of controlling how people think. This is not simply a matter of national defense. It’s a question of whether or not Americans can remain being free without acknowledging the Savior who sets us free. Apparently, many think they can. Can you say drug-induced coma?

    • A. Castellitto

      Definitely a spiritual war….. Our bodies, but most important, souls are on the line….

  • tomcfuller

    Apparently, he is just one more common, ordinary evil human being, except with eyebrows that look like horns. Self-centeredness takes all kinds of interesting forms.