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SOS: Speaking of Seniors – We Don’t Do That

SOS: Speaking of Seniors - We Don’t Do That

On October 25, 2016, I wrote a letter to a client. She thought that we would help her to file a claim with Medicare. We don’t do that. We do help a client to avoid financial harm whenever a mistake or fraud causes a problem with a Medicare claim. But, we don’t file original claims. Following is the body of a letter that I sent to our client to explain this. # # # In our phone conversation today, you told me that you always pay your doctor in Chesterton when you visit because he is not contracted with Medicare. THAT MEANS THAT YOU MUST FILE THE CLAIM WITH MEDICARE WITH PROOF THAT YOU PAID ALREADY. Medicare will process your claim and send a payment to you which would equal what Medicare would have paid if the doctor were contracted with it. Likewise, your Medicare supplement insurance company will pay […]

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