Hillary, the Democrats and the GOP All Win – Guess Who Lost?

Hillary_ClintonDespite the polls that show Trump has a chance at victory in the 2016 presidential campaign, this election has been over since Donald Trump was nominated by the GOP.  Well, to be fair, it wasn’t actually the GOP that nominated Trump, but the many angry Republican voters who were fed up with the GOP’s incessant betrayals and deceit, their unwillingness to fight against the leftists in the Democrat Party, even when given the majority by the voters, and their predictable proffering of “a good Party man” (this time, it was Jeb Bush, just as it had been John McCain and Mitt Romney in the previous two cycles).

While that was righteous and well-deserved anger, unfortunately the people got it all wrong.  They went for the flash and bravado of Trump instead of the substance and proven commitment of Ted Cruz…and that has made all the difference.  Did you notice how the leftist mainstream media kept writing articles that “Cruz can’t win” during the GOP nomination process?  Why do you think they wanted you to believe that?  Because they knew that in a one-on-one debate with Hillary Clinton, Cruz would have revealed her true nature and demolished her before a national audience (unlike the feckless Trump, who let opportunity after opportunity to display her past and current deceit and corruption just slip by with barely a comment).

And, as usual, the plan of the Democrats and their media worked, because you American sheep fell for the same old ruse: they made this election about Trump, and played on fears about his human failings, his temperament, etc., instead of about the one you should have been focusing on, Hillary Clinton.  They did that purposely, of course, because of all the baggage that Hillary has from her time as First Lady (“that’s no lady, that’s…), carpet-bagging senator from New York and, of late, as a dangerously irresponsible Secretary of State.

So you’re all worried about Trump’s temperament and the nuclear codes, instead of Hillary’s documented and repeated murderous (probably in fact) rages towards any and all whom she perceives have hampered her lifelong pursuit of the power of the presidency, from Arkansas State Troopers or Secret Service agents assigned to protect Bill and her, to White House staff who were ordered to look down when she passed and not speak to her, to her own staff and longtime cronies.  An example of the latter is her recent f-bomb laced tirade against Donna Brazille, DNC Chairwoman, because (don’t miss this) she was asked a question by Matt Lauer that wasn’t on the approved list she’d received beforehand so she could prepare an answer.  So much for journalistic integrity for Ms Brazille, a CNN employee, who despite her position and longtime support of Hillary, was belittled and lambasted in front of others (as soon as the cameras stopped rolling, of course) for “f___ing this up,” and ordered to “get off your lazy a— and start janitoring this mess.”

But I’m sure her temperament will not be a factor when Putin, et al, again show the contempt and disdain for her they’ve displayed during her tenure as Secretary of State.  (Hey, Vladmir, ever hear of Vince Foster?  I’d watch myself if I were you, pal.)

So Hillary wins the presidency she’s spent a lifetime planning for (that alone should send shivers up your spine), the Democrats keep control of the White House (with which they’ve done so much good under the current resident) and also benefit from what will surely be her long coattails by regaining seats in the House and Senate, perhaps even majorities.

Woodrow Wilcox


But the Republican also win.

How in the world can that be, you ask?  Because McCain, McConnell, Ryan and the rest of the GOP establishment have solidified their chokehold on the Republican Party.  Their petty and petulant refusals to support their own party’s candidate proves beyond all doubt that they’re more interested in maintaining the power of the GOP establishment than in doing anything remotely beneficial for this nation, and for the next decade or more they’ll point to this election as “proof” that an outsider can’t win, consigning Republican voters to more amoral, spineless establishment types like Dole, McCain, Romney, Jeb Bush, et al.  No, Republicans can’t win when the entire GOP establishment works against the candidate and refuses to support him.  So much for the GOP powers giving a damn about the Republican voters, yet most Conservatives and Republican voters will meekly return to the fold for more deceit and betrayal by these same backstabbing career elites.  You know what?  If you do, you deserve whatever contempt they shower upon you.



I’d bet that most of you never even wondered how it was that in the same week as the Wikileak release of Hillary’s damning emails, suddenly a decade-old audio tape mysteriously emerged of Trump using filthy and derogatory language about women, followed immediately by half a dozen women claiming he sexually abused them in the past (and where have THEY been all this time?).  No, of course not.

You’re not interested in that “coincidence” any more than in the emails that at the very least should have wrecked her campaign, if not landed her in jail.  A top aide attempts to get the FBI to change the classified status of some of those emails so that Hillary isn’t guilty of perjury when proclaiming that she “never sent classified emails via my private server.”  I’m sure he did that all on his own, without her knowledge.

Speaking of knowledge, when the FBI questioned her about Benghazi, those emails, etc., were you the least bit suspicious to learn that it wasn’t under oath?  Are does it pique even a little interest that two weeks ago, when she had to answer 25 written questions under oath (i.e., meaning false statements could bring charges of perjury), on 21 of them her answer was that she “couldn’t recall”?  When the Watergate principals used that dodge, Americans in both political parties knew exactly what that meant: they were lying in order to keep from incriminating themselves.  But I guess Hillary had a different purpose.  Folks, if she can’t even recall ordering the destruction of those emails (after the existence of that private server became known), then why in hell do you want to make her president?!?

Yep, Hillary and the Democrats, and the Republican establishment are the clear winners in this presidential campaign.  It’s going to be “business as usual” for all concerned.  Keep on increasing an already unpayable national debt, keep on emasculating the military, keep on pandering to tiny minority groups and special interests while thumbing their noses at the majority of honest, decent, hardworking Americans (not just that “basket of deplorables” on the Republican side, but also those Democrat voters that Hillary says are “just plain stupid” and “easy to manipulate”).

I despise Trump and all he stands for, but I’d bust hell wide open carrying a can of gasoline before I’d vote for the evil incarnate that is Hillary Clinton.  If you haven’t figured it out yet, folks, the big loser in this presidential election…as usual…is you and me.  I’d rather take my chances with someone who isn’t tied into the political machinery that for forty years or more has masterminded the decline of this nation.

After all, whoever is elected can’t do anything without either the willing or meekly acquiescent complicity of the Congress.  We’ve already seen how Hillary manipulates them; maybe under Trump they’d grow a set and start actually doing the job we elected them to do.

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