Hillary Clinton Revealed: the Queen of Corruption and Crime

Hillary_ClintonIs it just me or is the news no longer the news? What is news anyway, or what is the news supposed to be?


Information about recent events or happenings, especially as reported by means of newspapers, websites, radio, television, and other forms of media. The Free Dictionary.com

News is information about current events. Wikipedia

News is information that wasn’t known before or current events broadcast over the radio, television, online or in print media. Your Dicionary.com

So – let me see if I have this right, news is information about current events, as in all of the information concerning said events. The media is supposed to report on all of this information so we the public can be informed. Apparently the lame stream media did not receive the memo on this. Take a tour of CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, Huffington Post, The New York Times, etc., according to these supposed news sources – Donald Trump is a foul mouthed clueless buffoon. Meanwhile Hillary is the all-knowing savior of the United States who by-the-way made a couple of small mistakes – no big deal, nothing to see here. Apparently most of the major U.S. news sources mislaid a significant portion of the news

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Reporting the news would mean reporting what is actually happening, good and bad, both sides of the story, not what the lame stream media decides is good for the public to consume. It really irks this writer that the majority of the media simply decide what they feel is ok for the rest of us to see. If the folks who call themselves journalists actually reported the truth about Hillary like they are so gung-ho to do with Donald, Hillary would not stand a chance of being elected president.

The Deceptive and Dishonest Media

Instead of reporting on say the enormous amount of revelations coming from Wikileaksconcerning Hillary Clinton, the lame stream media not only does not report it, they even attempt to help cover it upInfowars even referred to Hillary as – editor-in-chief of the main stream media. The main stream media, excuse me, the lame stream media cannot seem to do enough to cozy up to Hillary Clinton. Hillary’s health issues should be of major concern since she is campaigning to be president. If one does a Google search however, one will see little written about it by the LSM. The New York Times gave the Hillary campaign veto power over an article they ran, while other outlets deemed the inquiries into the Clinton Foundation to be
media sensationalism, and fake or nonexistent scandals.



Social Media and Search Engine Bias

Apple – as in the iPhone maker, deemed a podcast carried on iTunes as explicit because it’s subject matter was Donald Trump. Apple as well refused to publish a game that poked fun at Hillary Clinton, but has many that ridicule Donald Trump. Twitter likes to ban conservatives and conservative content, even going so far as to change trending hashtags so nothing negative where Clinton is concerned trends. Instagram bans accounts that show Clinton in a negative perspective. Facebook censors trending news and shuts down pages for having conservative views. Google may be censoring search results to help protect Hillary, and guess who runs the Clinton cartel’s digital campaign? None other than Eric Schmidt, the Executive Chairman of Google’s new parent company, Alphabet.

Hillary Clinton’s Temperament

Hillary likes to claim that Donald Trump does not posses the required temperament for the job of president, Hillary having been in the Senate as well as having been Secretary of State, does of course. Trump is brash and has something to learn about diplomacy for sure, but this writer can tell you without a doubt, Hillary in no way possesses the temperament for the office of the president. What Hillary does posses is a hair-trigger temper. It is well documented by former Secret Service personnel and others concerning the blow-ups, nasty and condescending comments etc.

Hillary is Anti-police

Hillary is without a doubt anti-police, she can claim she is on the side of law enforcement but her actions say otherwise. In this article Hillary mentions the ridiculous notion of police terrorism, but she is on the side of the police – uh huh. I could not find an article to link to – but I’m pretty sure Hillary even asked law enforcement to leave her rallies, and she for suresnubbed the endorsement of the National Fraternal Order of Police.

The Clinton Campaign’s Fake Support and Fake Polls

It seems upon first glance that the masses are gushing undying love and support for their heroine Hillary Clinton.

Did you catch that?

What it seems like and what the reality is, well, that’s two entirely different dogs. Hillary does not have anywhere near the support she is made to look like she has – that support is in large part carefully crafted, manufactured to prop up the Clinton image. Take Hillary’s large Twitter following – many of these followers are fake, and Hillary’s Facebook fans? Some of those are purchased. The truth is largely irrelevant if a large portion of the people in this country are not aware of what the truth is. Social media is a powerful tool, and public perception can be swayed by it when the proper people are manipulating the facts and stats to support a lie that is dressed up to look like the truth.

Hillary and her cohorts have even faked polls that show her in the lead, what a surprise. You can read a very well done article on this over at Daisy Luther.com

Clinton Sabotage and Dirty Tricks Machine

The Clinton campaign in collusion with the Democratic National Committee stacked the deck against fellow Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders thereby insuring his loss. A new batch of Wikileaks emails show that the new head of the DNC, Donna Brazile has also been secretly colluding with the Clinton campaign. As the evidence plainly shows, Hillary Clinton is perfectly willing to step on even fellow Democrats to get what she wants.

The Clinton dirty tricks machine even posted vulgar fake job ads to malign Trump. Hillary Clinton accused Donald Trump of inciting violence in the not so distant past, remember this? In Hillary’s own words according to Reuters – “Yesterday, we witnessed the latest in a long line of casual comments from Donald Trump that crossed the line,” she said, citing “his casual inciting of violence.” Funny (it’s not really) how things work, the one making accusations is now the one known to have actually done what she, (Hillary) accused the Donald of doing in the first place. Some of the violence was staged by cronies working with the Clinton campaign, how about that?


The Clinton campaign has designated the Wikileaks dumps as “Russian Propaganda.” Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta recently suggested that the publicignore the leaked emails as Hillary Clinton is perfectly consistent in her public and private views – uh, WOW, what a whopper that is. That would be like someone  claiming that Richard Nixon had absolutely nothing to do with Watergate, which incidentally Hillary didhave something to do with. And of course the lame stream media (LSM) ignores these revelations because of course it does not matter what wrongs the Clintons commit, only what wrongs Donald Trump may or may not have committed.

The Clinton Crime Syndicate

Hillary and her partner in crime, (pun intended) have a long history of criminal activity. The Clintons were involved in drug running and money laundering back in Arkansas. Hillary while Secretary of State arranged for Russia to purchase twenty percent of U.S. uranium production. Hillary has a history of documents going missing long before her email woes.The Rose Law firm, firing the White House Travel office, Benghazi, etc. The Clintons used the IRS to get to those who apposed them, they used private investigators to harass and intimidate the women Bill Clinton had affairs with or other inappropriate sexual conduct. There is a lot more that the Clintons have been involved in including the trail of dead bodies left behind. You can read a lot more about their checkered past here. More recently Hillary was involved in illegal arms sales and the unnecessary war on Libya.

The Bottom Line

Bill and Hillary Clinton have been involved in illegal and unethical activities for a long time, and as the evidence shows that trend is in full force and effect during her campaign. Hillary will stop at nothing to get what she desires – the presidency of the United States. It does not seem to matter a wit who Hillary has to step on, how many lies she has to tell, or how dirty she has to play. What does matter is getting what she wants, and Hillary has proven she will do anything it takes to get it.

Given the above info, and there is a lot more out there then I have listed here – voting for Hillary regardless of party affiliation makes no sense whatsoever. Even a fellow liberal – reporter Bob Woodward of Watergate fame has stated that Hillary Clinton is corrupt! There are those who will vote for Hillary because of what they perceive that they can get out of Hillary being president. This includes of course huge companies like Google and Apple. I would pose a question here: even getting some things that a person desires whatever those desires may be – is it really worth it if the Clinton cartel attains office and through their actions continue to precipitate the destruction of the United States? Anyone who believes Hillary stands for the good of this country – well you are only fooling yourself.

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  • Lin Hart

    Thank you, Mr. Holt! I am an educated ( graduate degree) female professional who is supporting Trump. Women who pull the gender card and support Clinton corruption only show their own naivety and gender bias. Smart women will wait for a more honorable candidate. The mainstream media’s orchestration of biased election news and It’s/their machinations to get Hillary elected are truly shocking. A recent example, NPR interviewed Jell Goldberg, new editor of The Atlantic. Without being corrected, Goldberg told the American public that he feared for American democracy in the future because of the lies told during this election cycle. He then proceeded to enumerate three alleged lies of Trump (e.g., denying sexual assaults) but never once mentioned Hillary’s confirmed lies (e.g., denying she referred to TPP as gold standard) . Biased partiality belongs in talk shows and esoteric media, NOT public news-reporting entities such as NBC,ABC, CBS, NPR, PBS, etc.