Hillary’s Email Leaks versus Trump Accusations

Dept_of_PropagandaAnd You STILL Say the Media Is Not Biased for Democrats?!!?

The Democrats have perfected the “October surprise,” made it into almost an artform, in fact.  But this time around, it’s so blatantly false as to be laughable, except we’re talking about the most corrupt candidate in U.S. history probably being elected to the presidency…with the obvious and energetic assistance of almost all the mainstream media organizations and “journalists.”

Hot on the heels of the release of an 11-year old tape of Donald Trump using vulgar language to describe an even more vile attitude towards women, several women have suddenly popped up accusing him of sexual abuse.  Why they’ve never reported these instances before should be troubling, but as usual, Democrats and liberal voters don’t let something like common sense, truth and facts get in the way of their ideology.  At least one of the women has already been called a liar by a man who witnessed the supposed incident, and another’s own family says she’s doing it “for fame.”

But that’s all the rage on the mainstream media…the very same media that has underreported, when not outright ignoring, the persistent claims of sexual assault and even rape by numerous women against Bill Clinton, and the enabling and support of his actions by his wife, the current Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton.

Moreover, these allegations against Trump conveniently came at exactly the time that Wikileaks released thousands of emails revealing the true level of collusion between the Clinton campaign and the State Department, the Justice Department, the White House and, especially, the media itself.  Just a coincidence?  Yeah, and the check’s in the mail.

If you’re at all interested, you can find reporting on the substance of the emails showing this collusion…on the Internet.  Because all the mainstream media wants to talk about is Trump’s supposed sexual abuse and his purported victims.  Hmm, wonder why they weren’t as interested in Bill Clinton’s victims, or Hillary’s defamation of them?  Now, all of a sudden, they’re all about women’s rights?  Oh, that’s right, it’s really a plot by the Russians to help Trump…riiiiiiight.

In a sane world, the content of the latest batch of emails leaked would be enough to derail the Clinton candidacy, if not land her in jail.  But we clearly no longer live in a sane world.  The media, over 95% of whom are registered Democrats and many of whom no longer even try to disguise their bias – except to dispute that the media is biased, of course – have abandoned the last shreds of any claimed integrity by going along with the Clinton campaign and focusing on the Trump accusations while giving short shrift to her email revelations.

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Folks, a free republic can be maintained only if “we, the people” remain informed honestly of what’s going on in the nation, especially with its representatives and bureaucrats.  That’s the role of the media, the vaunted Fourth Estate.  Unfortunately, so consumed have most journalists become with the ideology of the left, they have become instead a Fifth Column, just the communications wing for the Democrat Party, and truth no longer holds any sway with them, only what’s effective in getting “their” candidate elected.

I’d say “shame on them,” except they no longer have the capacity for shame.  Sadly, most Americans allow them to shape their “knowledge” of politics…which explains the sordid mess this nation is now in – drowning in massive, unimaginable debt (far more than the $20 TRILLION they admit to!), a weakened, politicized and emasculated military, the worst racial divisions in my lifetime, an economy teetering on the brink…yet all the media wants to talk about are patently phony accusations against Hillary’s opponent for the presidency.



Is it any wonder that so many turned to Trump, a non-politician?  The corruption, in both major political parties, is so overt and widespread, the deceit and continual betrayal of promises so routine, that voters rejected the GOP establishment’s offerings (and, unfortunately, the one true Conservative Tea Party candidate who would have solidly defeated Hillary, Ted Cruz) out of anger and distrust.  Obama’s right that “the GOP created Trump,” only they didn’t intend to.  He’s the “anybody else” that Republican voters prefer over the same old good ol’ boys from the GOP establishment.  And now we clearly see the corruption in the Democrat Party is just as deep and widespread, extending even to the media who share their political beliefs.

So you just keep on believing that the media isn’t biased, Dorothy.

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  • discusser4

    It seems to me that the media is serving mainly as a conduit for women who were angry to hear Trump say (during second debate) he never groped anyone. They say they know better- and are brave enough to try to set the record straight, in spite of the inevitable attacks they had to have expected.
    At least a few of these stories have the ring of truth about them, given what Trump boasted of, in the video. His further bragging about spying on undressed beauty contestants is also disgusting.
    It may be unbearable as the stories come out - but since it is easy to find plenty of anti Clinton coverage too, it seems paranoid to speculate about conspiracy.
    The attacks on the media conservatives don’t like — or those that libs don’t like— cancel each other out. In today’s world there is lots of choice in media, you can choose whichever slant you prefer.